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Start Swimming, Get Fit for the Outdoors

Add Swimming to Get Fitter Faster Loving the outdoors usually goes hand in hand with leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re passionate about hiking, climbing, running, swimming, or cycling, your desire to be outside forces you to maintain…

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Pursuit Series at Snowbasin

When I signed up for Pursuit Series at Snowbasin, UT, I knew it would be cool, but it didn’t know it would be so freaking cool! It’s is a three-day outdoor event that includes a ton of activities, courses, instructors,…

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5 California Races Worth Traveling For

California is home to many big-name sports teams, from the 49ers to the Dodgers to the Anaheim Ducks. Watching top-class games can really get the blood pumping; but for endurance enthusiasts, California also has plenty of exciting events to take…


Why a Girl Needs 5-7 Bikes

Riding bikes is fun. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pedaling on a pathway, street or trail – the perma-grin says it all. I don’t own anything more expensive than bicycles. They’re all I got (except for my…

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8 Questival Questions

If you wake up in Mexico but you had no intention of going there the day before, chances are you’re involved in some kind of trouble–or you signed up for Questival. As your annual race calendar fills up, you may…