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Our Final Word's What's Hot? and Does it work?

Last Word workout partner couple

5 Reasons to Get a Workout Partner

5 Reasons to Get a Workout Partner By Joshua Jamais If you’re wanting to run every week, but are struggling to hit the road, or are trying to gain strength doing bench presses but don’t have a spotter, you could…

Last Word delicate arch utah winter hiking

Winter in Utah’s National Parks

Why It’s the Best Time to Visit One of my favorite vacation memories is hiking to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park with my children and parents in February. It was the first time my youngest child and my mom…

Last Word Photo of a snow runner

Guide to Snow Running

Winter is upon us! Coming from Colorado, I’ve been running in the cold and snow all my life. But when I was in college running for Utah State University, I remember welcoming a new girl to the team from Arizona. As…

Cycling anatomy of the bike photo

Befitting Bikes

Anatomy of a Bike Fit with Millcreek Bicycles My bike was trying to kill me. The fun wasn’t worth the pain I experienced every time I rode it. I was ready to swear off road cycling and bury my bike…

Last Word Road Ninja

6 Smartphone Apps for Smart People Outdoors

Let’s face it: we live in a connected world. For a time, nothing irritated me more than people bringing cell phones along when recreating outdoors. I loathed the guy perpetually yapping on his cell phone about some big business deal…

Last Word

Five Great Utah Watering Holes

Cool down with a frosty drink at one of these hot spots around the state by Molly Newman Summer in Utah means two things: long, sunny days perfect for hiking, biking, or running the river…and temperatures guaranteed to work up…

Does it Work Burley Child Trailer

Burley D’Lite Child Trailer

By Brent Darling As an active parent, uniting your passions for outdoor recreation and race training while rearing a wee one is a feat not easily accomplished…unless you have a jogger-stroller or bike trailer. But if you cycle, pound the…

What's Hot Axe Effect


Lori Antolik You’re cruising down the side of a mountain with soft, fresh, fluffy snow zipping under your feet. Your heart racing as the wind whistles through your helmet and snow flies around you. Then suddenly, a tiny tree branch,…

Does it Work zeal optics

Zeal Z3 GPS Goggles

By Jenny Willden Prove you’re the best skier on the mountain with these techy goggles that track your speed, distance, vertical feet and locations traveled. Based on last year’s Transcends, the Z3s are revamped and tricked out for easier use,…

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