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By Brent Darling Burley Child Trailer

As an active parent, uniting your passions for outdoor recreation and race training while rearing a wee one is a feat not easily accomplished…unless you have a jogger-stroller or bike trailer. But if you cycle, pound the pavement, and tote your toddler around town, the cost of buying a bike trailer, jogger-stroller, and regular stroller adds up fast. And who has the space to store all three? Solution: Burley’s Convertible D’Lite Child Trailer.

Usability & Functionality

My wife and I used the D’Lite primarily with our 2-year-old daughter, but for this review we also tested it with other children from age 18 months to over 5 years. We found that the versatile Burley D’Lite converts from stroller to jogger-stroller to bike trailer easily. Using an attachment point on the stroller and provided pins, you can convert to ‘bike trailer’ mode in less than a minute. Other modes require both attachment points and take a few extra minutes. Storing or transporting the D’Lite is simple too; just flip two levers and let the stroller collapse. You can further flatten it by removing the wheels; just push a button in the center of the wheel hub and gently pull the wheel off the axle. An adjustable handle reduces storage size and makes sharing it between parents a breeze. Ample passenger space and storage compartments hold two kids and all their gear for a day of fun


Modes of Operation

Bike trailer– A safe, stable way to transport two kids on the road. The built-in suspension system softens larger bumps, but is not suitable for off-road use. The attachment system connects the trailer to the axle of the bike so its handling is minimally affected by the trailer.

Stroller– Spacious and comfortable, but not as nimble as a dedicated stroller due to bulky, built-in safety equipment.

Jogger-stroller– Big tires let it to roll over road bumps easily, but the trailer’s large size adversely affects maneuverability. Kids can nap on-the-go thanks to the smooth ride, roomy interior and reclining seats.

Canopy System

Protect your kids from sun, wind, and rain with the easy-to-use canopy system. When rain threatens, zip the stroller closed to provide a weather-tight enclosure. The bathtub-style floor doesn’t allow water splashes from your bike tire to penetrate the bottom in “bike trailer” mode.

On sunny days, the UV protected, tinted windows provide shade and prevent sunburn. Plus, an adjustable sunshade panel in the front door blocks sun from sensitive eyes. The front door opens completely and rolls back for fresh air, or zips shut with the weather-tight panel open for air circulation and mosquito protection.


If you want safe, D’Lite delivers. The anodized aluminum frame and a full internal roll cage protects passengers from rolls and side impact. However, the wide, stable track makes a roll highly unlikely, and the bike attachment’s design won’t allow the D’Lite to roll when the bike its attached to tips over. Internally, the passenger compartment provides enough clearance for kids to wear bike helmets comfortably while riding inside. The secure 5-point harness gives you peace of mind that little ones are riding safely.

While the Burley D’Lite is not as convenient as a dedicated stroller, or as nimble as smaller jogger-strollers, its safe, versatile, reliable design make it a worthwhile investment for your family. Burley’s products are available locally at Canyon Bicycles in Draper or online at Amazon.com. D’Lite $620, Jogger-stroller attachment $140 burley.com

Brent Darling Brent Darling was born and raised in Utah and is an avid outdoor adventurer and stay-at-home dad. When he and his wife are not skiing, biking, running, or doing triathlons, they enjoy hiking, camping, and traveling with their 2-year-old daughter.


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