By Jenny Willden


By Jenny Willden

PurifiCup Pop quiz! Let’s say you’re planning a multi-day backpacking trip. How will you get clean water for your adventure? A) Pack it in with bottles; B) Use a pump and tablets to clean river water; C) Play the “Which parasite will I contract?” game and drink water straight from a natural source, sans purification. My answer: D) None of the above. These options are laden with downsides from backaches to digestive troubles. I’ve found a better solution: PurifiCup®, a lightweight, compact filter that promises to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and pathogens in your water, in addition to purifying it.

PurifiCup’s® technology is different from other devices because it uses a three-stage filter with activated carbon to remove chlorine, ion exchange resin to turn hard water to soft by removing metals, and Nano-Silver to kill 600 kinds of bacteria and parasites like E.coli, giardia, and crypto. It’s the only portable filter to use Nano-Silver, which eliminates the need for boiling.

This gravity-fed filter doesn’t require a pump or batteries, making it ideal for emergency preparedness kits and camping. I love it for icky drinking fountains, airports, and hotel rooms. I found it easy to use, just pour water into the top cup, let it filter, then it comes out clean on the other side. Mine filtered quickly: 10 ounces in under a minute, and it filters directly into the provided cup, a Camelbak or Nalgene bottle, or even a disposable plastic bottle. It takes seconds to assemble or take apart, and packs into a compact size for easy carrying. Just remember to only use cold water.

If you want scientific data backing the water’s cleanliness, there are independent reviews on PurifiCup’s® website citing 97% reductions in chlorine and bacteria levels. I don’t have a science lab at home to confirm these results…but I do have my taste buds! I compared tap, distilled, and PurifiCup® water in a side-by-side test and found a striking difference in the flavor. The tap tasted like chlorine and the distilled like nothing, but PurifiCup® had a clean, fresh flavor, almost bordering on sweet. Also, I’ve used it to clean water from natural sources and haven’t gotten sick.

The only feature I’m not jazzed about is the cup counter, which keeps track of your use to determine when you need to replace the filter. This twist dial seems cumbersome, so I guesstimate replacement time based on how long I’ve had my filter.

Two models available: PurifiCup® Tap is for municipal water only and cleans 330 cups with one filter. PurifiCup® Natural can be used with any flowing water source and cleans 150 cups with one filter. Tap $50, Natural $60, Replacement Filters $14. PurifiCup.com

Jenny Willden

Jenny is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Sports Guide and a self-proclaimed gear and grammar nut. She loves adventure and is happiest when riding horses or snowboarding in Utah’s mountains. Llama racing and deal finding are her secret superpowers. Follow Jenny’s exploits on Twitter @jennywillden. Or follow Jenny Willden on Google+.


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Jenny Willden is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Sports Guide and a self-proclaimed gear and grammar nut. She's a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. A lover of adventure and travel, she's happiest when riding horses or snowboarding in Utah’s mountains. Follow Jenny’s exploits on Twitter @jennywillden or Instagram @jlwillden.

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