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Guides to enjoying Utah's back-coutry fraturing new destinations, activities and how-tos.

Trailsides Melissa McGibbon cross-country skiing on snowy trail

The ABCs of Cross-Country Skiing

A Tale of Two Skinnies I’ve always been intrigued by cross-country skiing. Why—for the love—would anyone bother with cross-country skiing in Utah, where we have some of the best downhill skiing on the planet? It bewildered me. So I tried…

Trailsides Rock Climbing at top of the climb looking far down at other climbers

Climbing For Rookies

Learn the Ropes of This Rising Sport With its own lexicon of jargon, and a plethora of mysterious-looking and sounding equipment like carabineers, Grigris, ATCs, and prusiks, sport climbing can seem daunting to jump into. After all, you’re setting out…


Utah Glamping Guide: 9 Destinations with a Luxurious Touch

Utah Glamping Guide – 9 Camping Destinations with a Touch of Luxury Sleeping under the stars—on a pillow-top king-size bed. Taking a break from technology—but not from flush toilets. For a summertime getaway that combines outdoor adventure and delightful (if…

Trailsides Tent in wilderness with sunset

4 Lesser-known Utah Recreation Areas & Camping Sites

Escape the Summer Crowds Utah’s national parks are stunning, but come summer these spectacular destinations are flooded with tourist crowds. And when it comes to camping, the same goes for accessible, local favorites like the Cottonwood and American Fork Canyons.…

Trailsides Woman Stemming down a narrow drop in Dang Canyon.

A Goblin Valley Winter Escape

Exploring Ding & Dang Canyons Story and photos by Don Macavoy My feet press hard against sandstone as my back slides down the cold wall just a few feet away. I’m crouched 10 feet above the sand wash below, slowly…

Trailsides Man Ziplining with forest background

High-Flying Adventure

Utah’s Greatest Ziplines Skimming above the treetops and across open water, down steep mountainsides, and over rugged desert landscapes, reaching heart-pounding speeds of up to 60 miles per hour: Ziplines might be the most thrilling way around to get up…

Articles Golden lab rescue dog in the snow with rescue vest

Backcountry Rescue Dogs

How These Pups Sniff Out Victims, Save Lives Being trapped or buried in the backcountry is a skier’s worst nightmare—injured, lost, and alone, willing to give anything to see a friendly face. Perhaps that face will belong to Ninja, a…

Articles one outdoor dog hiking utah

How to Have a Great Outdoor Dog

The Outdoor Dog Training, Safety, & Gear Tips You Need Hitting the trail (or river, or campsite) with your dog might sound like a dream: You and your best buddy, the great outdoors, a wagging tail, a welcome snuggle at…

Articles Two mountain bikers on a mountain trail

The Custom Bike Experience From Fezzari

Reinventing the Wheel, Two Wheels at a Time An old adage says there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel. But—for Utah County-based Fezzari Bicycles—rethinking how two-wheeled travel is built and purchased has turned their company into a powerhouse bike manufacturer.…

Adventure kids camping

6 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping

Take Your Kids Camping This Summer! By Melissa Lang Why spend summer inside or at the movies when you can take your kids camping and enjoy the outdoors? Not only will camping be a great way for you all to…

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