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Our Final Word's What's Hot? and Does it work?

What's Hot Axe Effect


Lori Antolik You’re cruising down the side of a mountain with soft, fresh, fluffy snow zipping under your feet. Your heart racing as the wind whistles through your helmet and snow flies around you. Then suddenly, a tiny tree branch,…

Does it Work zeal optics

Zeal Z3 GPS Goggles

By Jenny Willden Prove you’re the best skier on the mountain with these techy goggles that track your speed, distance, vertical feet and locations traveled. Based on last year’s Transcends, the Z3s are revamped and tricked out for easier use,…

What's Hot Smith Variant Brim Helmet

Snow Sport Helmets

By Molly Newman You wouldn’t think of hitting the slopes without a jacket to stay warm or goggles to shield your eyes from glare. Within the next few years, another piece of safety equipment may become second nature as well:…

Does it Work

Does it Work?

Suunto Core’s Storm Alarm Some of my closest friends are meteorologists, whom I trust implicitly when it comes to weather-based decision making for recreation. However, because we’re not together every second of the day, getting a watch that alerts me…

What's Hot Melissa McGibbon

What’s Hot: Used Gear

Instead of making your garage an homage to your formative years, trade in your used gear for some new, better, faster goods, or just some fresh cash. Conversely, if you’re in the market for some new-to-you stoke, there are many…

Gear Natural Clear

Natural Sunscreens Reviewed

When it’s hot outside, nothing is better than soaking up the summer sun, but the downsides of sun worship, burning, peeling and even skin cancer, are enough to make you think twice before stepping out your door unprotected. But what…

Does it Work Geigerrig

Geigerrig Hydration Pack

New gear continually floods the outdoor recreation market, and occasionally, an item stands out that truly wows you, like Geiggerig’s Pressurized Hydration Packs. Created by Utahn Bob Geiger, the company is headquartered in Ogden and makes packs that are everything…

What's Hot

What’s Hot: Primitive Skills Classes

Night is closing in at the end of our third day on the trail. We haven’t eaten since early this morning, and all we have for dinner is a few handfuls of mushrooms and tubers we’ve gathered along the way.…

What's Hot Salomon RX Recovery Shoes

Recovery Shoes

By Jenny Willden Be it running, biking or hiking, any leg-dominant activity can wreak havoc on your lower body, leaving you with tight, overworked leg and foot muscles. Recovery shoes, while not an entirely new concept in footwear, are currently…

Cycling iBike Dash Cycling Computer

iBike Dash Cycling Computer

It’s hard to sort through the never-ending technological options that greet us in every magazine, with every click of a mouse and in the onslaught of media which fuels our need for more, more, more. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, however,…