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You’re cruising down the side of a mountain with soft, fresh, fluffy snow zipping under your feet. Your heart racing as the wind whistles through your helmet and snow flies around you. Then suddenly, a tiny tree branch, giant ice chunk, rock or the mythical snowsnake jumps out of nowhere and knocks you off your feet. Instantly, you are sent flying through the air, and no matter how you land there is snow everywhere. It’s up your jacket, down your pants, through your baselayers and touching your skin. You just went from the best feeling in the world to the worst. Unless, that is, you’re wearing a onesie.

Oh yes, the one-piece snowsuit is the ultimate snow guard. It’s your own tiny cocoon of warmth that almost nothing can penetrate. No matter how many tumbles in the snow you take, you will never, I mean never, get snow down your pants again. Sideways, forward, backward, upside down, it doesn’t matter how you land; this is when your suit excels. It’s your knight in shinning armor, there to protect you against the bitter cold.

You’ve probably noticed more onesies on the slopes due to their growing popularity. But even with this growth, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good outfit. Men seem to have a few more options than women do, but ladies, don’t be afraid to try the men’s versions. Just check the sizing charts and go down a size, because menswear tends to be much baggier. Salomon, Airblaster, Nikita, L1TA, Peak Performance and Norrøna have new suits this season. Finding them in retail stores is hit or miss; your best bet is online. They range from $250–$1,500, depending on features like breathability and waterproofing.

You don’t have to be an expert skier or snowboarder to wear onesies; you just need the right attitude. When you step in to this suit you are transformed into a snow warrior, and you can accomplish things you never thought possible. When you’re eyeball deep in fresh powder you won’t be able to help but scream out, “I LOVE MY ONESIE!”

Great One-piece Suits

Peak Performance Women’s Heli Alpine Suit

Axe EffectOne of my favorites! This suit is expensive because it has a 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell with fully-taped seams and zippers, which is guaranteed to lock out water. You could stand in the shower with this on and still stay dry! The 3D-adjustable hood fits over your helmet, articulated elbows and knees allow movement, vent zips in armpits and legs dump excess heat, a built-in RECCO reflector keeps you safe and reinforced inner cuffs protect the suit from boots and ski edges. $1,250

Airblaster Men’s Freedom Suit

Axe EffectThis rad one-piece is made by Airblaster, a small company located in Portland, Oregon. The 10,000 mm waterproofing is a bit low for outerwear, but cool features like fully-taped seams, mesh-lined pit and leg vents, Lycra wrist gaiters and internal boot gaiters with lace hook make up for it. And the 350-degree circumferential waist zip makes for easy bathroom breaks! No women’s version is available this year, but they offer Extra Small, which could fit if you don’t mind extra room. $250

Houdini Miss One-piece Baselayer

Axe EffectPair your onesie with a one-piece baselayer for ultimate warmth and comfort in powder. This suit comes in bright colors with an athletic fit, so you can rock it after riding and still look cool. Plus, the recycled, eco-friendly fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. Smooth seams, extra long sleeves and stretch knee panels make it a dream to ride in. The anti-odor treatment keeps you smelling clean, even after multiple wears. $183


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