iBike Dash Cycling Computer


It’s hard to sort through the never-ending technological options that greet us in every magazine, with every click of a mouse and in the onslaught of media which fuels our need for more, more, more. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, however, get their fuel and adrenaline from the rush of sport and the world that greets them beyond their computer screens.

But, sometimes, these two worlds collide in what just might be a perfect match. Many of us carry an iPhone whether we are in our offices or racing Lotoja. No matter what we say, our phones are a device we cannot live without. Why not turn what we already have into a useful tool that can propel our ability and knowledge of biking to the next level? The iBike is just the gadget for those who love to race, road bike and hit the dirt trails!

iBike Dash Cycling Computer At first glance the iBike case is a little larger than you might expect, a miniature brick. However, once it’s mounted on your bike, it’s hardly noticeable and looks no different from any other bike computer out there…except this one is holding your iPhone! The weather-sealed case protects your phone in storms and absorbs shock while it collects data. The capabilities of the iBike can be overwhelming, but as you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed at the abounding features this little gadget offers. It can do all the usuals; heart rate, cadence, speed, mileage and power. But, the iBike continues to impress as it shows a real-time GPS display of where you are. The best part is it uses a platform we are all familiar with, Google Maps, giving you a very comfortable and easy-to-read system.


The iBike, with an iPhone or iPod Touch, will even provide wind speed and direction so you can always have a tail wind. Another benefit of the iBike is the multiple bike profiles you can easily switch back and forth from. It has mountain bike, track bike, road bike, time trial bike, as well as custom profiles. This means if you ride on more than one type of terrain you can easily switch from one to another.

The iBike software comes with the device, but is also available to conveniently download to your computer. It allows you to easily track your rides, keep history of your workouts and even analyze your ride by how much elevation gain or loss you achieved. iBike also offers different cycling computers at every price range from $199–$749. $329 ibikesports.com


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Rachael Hodson followed her love of skiing from Washington to Utah. Entrenched in the ski industry for more than 18 years, she worked as a tech rep for Atomic, a ski instructor at both Alta Ski Area and Solitude Ski Resort, and was a freeskiing competitor and action sports model before turning to writing. Rachael currently makes her home at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon with her husband and two sons, Noah, 11, and Isaac, 8.

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