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5 Trails to Run This Summer

Pounding the pavement can be sizzling in the summer heat. Escape the asphalt for Utah’s trails where cooler temperatures and outdoor beauty await. With plenty of options just minutes from downtown, it’s easy to fit in a run before or…

Fitness winter stretching

Why It’s Important to Stay Active in the Winter

Why You Should Stay Active in the WinterSome of us just aren’t winter people. It’s cold, it’s dark, and our favorite summer activities are taken away from us while the ground is covered in snow and ice. Other people are…

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Enhance Your Running (and Your Life)

A 12-Month Plan to Make It Happen By Rebecca Bennion TOSH Running Program Coordinator Runners tend to be very committed and self-motivated once they set their mind to something, especially their run training. But what about goals that affect other…

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Tempo Training for Runners

By Rebecca Winn Coordinator, TOSH Running Program In the sport of distance running, coaches and athletes alike understand the value in building mileage to prepare for an upcoming race. While it’s obvious that endurance training must include comfortable distance runs,…

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Gyms with a Difference

Revitalize your workout with these creative fitness options So you started off the New Year full of determination to hit the gym faithfully. Now, just a few weeks after the champagne and confetti have settled, you find it’s more of…