Shake Up Your Fitness Routine with Horseback Riding


Shake Up Your Fitness Routine: Try Horseback Riding

While consistency can allow you to push your fitness routine to the limit, failing to change things up by performing the same exercises, day in and day out, can quickly turn working out into a real chore. If you find yourself dreading your next trip to the gym, it may be time for a change. From breaking out of a rut to finding ways to stay active when away from the gym, horseback riding could be just the fitness opportunity you have been looking for. 

Horseback riding to Stewart Falls

Learning to Ride

Novice riders are often surprised at just how much physical effort and conditioning horseback riding entails. Riding a horse involves strengthening your core and training muscles in your back and legs that other workouts and exercises rarely engage.

The equestrian arts may provide a wider range of fitness opportunities and benefits than you might imagine. Perhaps most importantly, the chance to get outdoors and to learn a new skill can breathe new life into a fitness routine that may have begun to feel stale and oppressive. 

Pushing Your Limits

While horseback riding alone may not be enough to get you to your fitness goals, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you are able to get the most out of each ride. Taking longer rides, exploring mixed and varied terrains, and learning to ride cross-country or at a full gallop can all help to ensure that you are able to get the best workout possible.

Investing in your own saddle, English tack, and other riding supplies are options you may wish to consider, especially if you find yourself enjoying the experience. When choosing equipment for your horse, be sure to keep their size in mind. Using gear that doesn’t properly fit your horse can lead to injuries, so it is best to be mindful of the equipment that you purchase.

Creating the Best Fitness Routine

Walking on a treadmill or taking a spin class may not always be enough to provide you with both the level of results and the level of enjoyment you are seeking from your workouts. Varying your existing routine can make quite a difference. Incorporating horseback riding into your existing fitness routine can provide you with a fresh new way to shape up, burn calories, and stay fit. 

While jogging, taking a fitness class, and visiting the gym are all effective ways to work up a sweat, a fitness routine that lacks variety can quickly chip away at your motivation. Spending some time on the saddle can be an ideal alternative. From staying active on your off days to injecting some much-needed variety into your workout schedule, learning how to ride for exercise is a great way to shake things up.



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