Spring Triathlon Training Tips When You’re Stuck Indoors


Preparing for a Spring Triathlon? Ways You Can Train While Stuck Indoors

While it’s still winter in the west, spring is hot on its heels and many are making health goals for the warm weather. A popular pursuit: participating in a spring triathlon. The race includes three different types of exercise—running, cycling, and swimming—making it a great way to really push yourself. A triathlon is strenuous on the body, so it requires extensive training. However, if you’re planning on participating in a spring triathlon, how can you train while stuck inside during the winter? Here are some simple ways you can train for a triathlon when the weather isn’t great for outdoor training (or the inversion makes the air quality terrible).

Running in Place

One thing you need to learn how to do is to keep your heart rate up for an extended period of time, but it should not be so high that it gets dangerous. Continue to work on your endurance is jogging or running in place. Wear sturdy shoes that protect your feet and get to running while watching your favorite television show. Continue to push yourself further and further each time. You may decide to invest in a treadmill or similar piece of equipment for a more natural feel.

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Indoor Cycling

One of the main events of a triathlon is bicycle riding. Start practicing by getting a stationary bike for your home or buying a trainer to use with your road bike. Ride it faster and longer each time. This will help improve heart strength as well as leg muscle strength.

You’ll also get familiar with sitting on a bicycle seat for an extended period of time. You may be able to find online indoor cycling classes, like those from Plan 7 Coaching, to really help push yourself a little more each time.


Anyone who has excelled at a triathlon or any other kind of competitive exercise will tell you that stretching is one of the most important parts. You should stretch absolutely every single day. Stand up straight and attempt to touch your toes. Lift your hands above your head.

Find different yoga videos to watch right from the comfort of your home that can teach you new stretches that reach different parts of your body. When you are limber, your body will be able to move better. This can help you perform better on race day. 

Mental Training

You need to have the right mindset if you want to succeed at a triathlon. Positivity will help you when your body wants to give up from exhaustion. Start by reading positive books that fill you with strength and hope. Continue to use these books to motivate you. Find positive podcasts, music, art, and mentors. When you fill your life with positivity, you will be able to train better. With better quality training, you will then be able to perform better when the day of your race comes.

You don’t have to cancel your triathlon or forget about your fitness goals simply because you are stuck inside due to the pandemic or cold weather. Try these ways to train indoors so you’re ready when race day comes.


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