Author Molly Andersen

Molly writes about fitness and nutrition from her home in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her teaching history, hiking the Gorge, or hitting the archery range.

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Outside and Online

The best apps for planning your outdoor adventure (and having a great time once you’re there) By Molly Newman Sunscreen…water bottle…first-aid kit…smartphone? Maybe it’s time to update the classic “10 Essentials” list to include the handy GPS device/camera/music player/information source…


Have Dog, Will Travel

Trail Adventures for You and Your Four-Legged Friend Bounding along the trail, tail wagging, full of energy, always excited to see (and sniff) around the next corner: Who could ask for a better hiking companion than a dog? Whether your…


With a Side of Hype

Popular diet philosophies often directly contradict each other. Can any of them back up the benefits they promise with real research? Grains are killing you slowly! Whole grains are the key to weight loss! Meat helps build muscle! Meat is…

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Gyms with a Difference

Revitalize your workout with these creative fitness options So you started off the New Year full of determination to hit the gym faithfully. Now, just a few weeks after the champagne and confetti have settled, you find it’s more of…

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Why Weight?

The Whole-Body Benefits of Strength Training To stay fit for running, biking, or skiing all year-round, you already know the importance of keeping up regular cardio workouts. But you may be missing out on another core element of a balanced…

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Ski Safe

Prevent Common Snowsport Injuries This Season When taking to the slopes this season, you’ll probably start the day with plenty of energy and a smile on your face. But just one misstep can put an end to your great day—or,…

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Good Food in a Glass

Pack a Mason jar with a healthy on-the-go meal or snack. With a schedule packed with work, training, races, and friends and family time, it’s tough to fit healthy meals into a busy day. All too often, it’s easier to…


CrossFit for Athletes

It’s the hottest trend at the gym right now. Is this military-style workout right for you? It will definitely make you sweat, possibly make you collapse in exhaustion, and maybe even make you weep. Its unofficial mascot is “Pukie the…

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Superfoods for the Season

Tastier than a deep-fried Cronut… more nutritious than a bucket of kale… it’s a Superfood! Though many nutritionists disclaim the notion of “superfoods” altogether, there’s no denying that some foods pack an extra nutritional bang for the caloric buck. High…

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Comfy Car Camping

Great (and Easy) Weekend Trips in Southern Utah As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, it’s the perfect time of year to rally family and friends for one last camping trip. But with the end of summer’s…