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Revitalize your workout with these creative fitness options

So you started off the New Year full of determination to hit the gym faithfully. Now, just a few weeks after the champagne and confetti have settled, you find it’s more of a slog every day to drag yourself in for the regular routine of stretching, lifting, and treadmill. Sure, you’ve tried livening things up with a class or two… but there’s no denying that the thrill is gone.

Industry experts estimate that 80% of people who join gyms in January stop going by the second week of February. Instead of letting your workout fall by the wayside, why not try a whole new approach? These Salt Lake City-area fitness centers offer exciting, challenging options that will help you build strength, flexibility, and endurance for any sport.

2120 S. 700 East, Suite F, SLC
With a high-intensity schedule of Pilates, TRX, and circuit training classes, BURN lives up to its sizzling name. Each class reflects co-owners Stephanie and Walker Willey’s philosophy of “group personal training.” Class sizes are capped at 12 for circuit training, six for Pilates. This smaller size, Walker Willey says, breeds both competition and inspiration as clients push each other to succeed.

BURN’s exercise theory is simple: progress comes from strengthening the core. Classes are structured around low-impact, high-intensity intervals and whole-body movements. “Instead of pushing clients with heavier and heavier weights, our classes are body-weight driven,” says Walker Willey. “The heaviest weight we have on-site is 30 pounds, and we mostly just use it to prop the door open.”

This dedication to balanced fitness makes BURN’s methods ideal for athletes. “Our clientele is not the meathead bodybuilder type,” Walker Willey says. “Our classes are designed to help people become toned, lean, and fit—we prioritize strength over looks.”

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2 North Medical Drive, SLC
Building community while strengthening bodies: that’s the mission of the JCC’s health and fitness programs. Classes are designed for both new and experienced exercisers, and an extensive program of children’s and teens’ activities makes it a perfect destination for the whole family. But beyond these options, the JCC also offers a series of intensive training programs for competitive athletes.

If you’re counting the days until a big race this summer, check out the JCC’s new triathlon-oriented training program. It incorporates running, the Masters Swim program, and distance cycling—all coached by professional athletes. Weekly “brick” training sessions allow you to spend extra time focusing on your particular needs, and the series concludes with a simulated sprint, half-, or full-length triathlon.
More of a cyclist than a runner or swimmer? The JCC’s cycling programs, coordinated by pro cyclist Jeff Louder, focus on keeping fit and building strength all year-round. Six-week specialty camps allow each cyclist to determine personal riding goals, develop individual fitness benchmarks, and incorporate expert nutrition and training advice into a tailor-made schedule.

The Bar Method
1057 E. 2100 South, SLC
For a precision workout that shapes long, lean muscles, look no further than The Bar Method’s calorie-melting classes. Drawing on techniques used by professional dance instructors, each session targets a specific series of muscle groups with high repetitions of small, exact muscle movements. The result: A balance of toning and elongating movements that provide overall strength and stability.

Additionally, Bar Method instructors use yoga and Pilates techniques to help students achieve proper body alignment. That great feeling you remember from the first time a teacher helped you do Downward Dog correctly? You’ll get it in spades here as teachers use hands-on instruction to help prevent injury and enhance the benefit of each exercise.

With three difficulty levels to choose from, there’s a Bar Method class perfect for whatever your current strength and flexibility may be.

Momentum Indoor Climbing
Millcreek, Sandy, and Lehi locations
Want a healthy dose of adrenaline with your workout? Momentum Indoor Climbing’s challenging classes will leave your heart pounding–in a good way—as you develop new skills and tune up your climbing mojo for the season. Even first-time climbers can master belaying, bouldering, and overhanging walls with a fast-paced one-hour class. More experienced climbers will benefit from advanced technique classes and free access to the world-class terrain area. And the Training Deck includes both cardio and strength training equipment to help you build a mountain-ready body.

Whether you prefer the competitive environment of a boot camp-style class or the creative feel of a dance-inspired workout, these choices will help you stay motivated through the winter and beyond.

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