Author Molly Andersen

Molly writes about fitness and nutrition from her home in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her teaching history, hiking the Gorge, or hitting the archery range.


Experiencing Utah’s Past—Outdoors

Adventuring Through Time In its thousands of years of human occupation, Utah’s story has centered on the changing, but always intimate, relationship between its places and its people. From the mysterious stone dwellings of the Ancient Puebloan culture to the…

Adventure Calf Creek Falls and swimming hole

6 Greatest Utah Swimming Holes

Summer hikes can be carefree, challenging, or even exhilarating. But almost without exception, they’re dusty and hot. That’s why finding Utah swimming holes along your path can be like stumbling upon a pot of gold at the end of a…


Utah’s Best Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

Raise a Glass to Local Makers of Potent Potables There’s no denying it: Throughout much of its history, Utah hasn’t been the friendliest place for people who enjoy unwinding with a glass of something stronger than root beer. But in…

Health & Nutrition cyclist pouring Meal Replacements into water bottle

Meal Replacements

Food of the Future or Nutritional Nightmare? It’s like something out of science fiction: a premeasured, packaged drink that purportedly contains all the essential nutrients needed for health. Easy to carry and consume anywhere, and with a high-protein macro balance,…

Health & Nutrition Small Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup

Healthy Comfort Foods for Snow Season

Winter Warmers Chilly winter months spent adventuring outdoors call out for hearty, rib-sticking fare like soups, stews, and classic casseroles. But all too often, these traditional dishes are laden with empty calories and light on the nutrients your body craves.…

Gear ethical down ducks

What is Ethical Down? And Why Does It Matter?

  Ruffled Feathers: Why Ethical Down Matters On a snowy slope or at the end of a long day on the trail, there’s no cozier feeling than snuggling into a jacket or sleeping bag filled with down. Warm, lightweight, and packable,…


Utah Glamping Guide: 9 Destinations with a Luxurious Touch

Utah Glamping Guide – 9 Camping Destinations with a Touch of Luxury Sleeping under the stars—on a pillow-top king-size bed. Taking a break from technology—but not from flush toilets. For a summertime getaway that combines outdoor adventure and delightful (if…

Health & Nutrition man with sunburn staring at the ocean

Saving Your Skin

Preventing (and Spotting) Skin Cancer Stephanie was fresh out of the shower, applying moisturizer to her face, when she noticed the spot on her cheek for the first time. She didn’t think much of it; as an avid hiker and…

Health & Nutrition

Healthy Snacks for the Slopes

Easy, Delicious Snacks for the Slopes On the slopes or on the trails, there’s no surer way to bring a great day to a screeching halt than to let “hanger” get the best of you. Combine humans’ natural drive to…

Trailsides Man Ziplining with forest background

High-Flying Adventure

Utah’s Greatest Ziplines Skimming above the treetops and across open water, down steep mountainsides, and over rugged desert landscapes, reaching heart-pounding speeds of up to 60 miles per hour: Ziplines might be the most thrilling way around to get up…

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