Author Molly Andersen

Molly writes about fitness and nutrition from her home in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her teaching history, hiking the Gorge, or hitting the archery range.

Health & Nutrition

Rested and Ready

Photo Credit: Why Athletes Need to Hit the Mattress By Molly Newman For faster race times, higher energy and that all-around healthy glow, you plan your meals and workouts down to the last carrot stick and push-up. But you’re…


Getting Fit? There’s an App for That

Our Picks for iPhone and Android By Molly Newman and Suzanne Lewis Ship We sort through the hundreds of fitness and training apps available for iPhone and Android to bring you these workout standouts. Want to improve your 10K time?…

Running Barefoot Running

Natural Born Runners

Is Running Without Running Shoes For You? We Give you the Facts. It’s a tough world out there for a runner’s feet. Slamming against the ground dozens of times a minute, flying over all kinds of obstacles, chafing and swelling…

Snowsports Watch Yourself

Buried Alive

The Myths and Realities of Avalanche Survival By Molly Newman It’s a gorgeous winter day in Utah’s backcountry. After a series of storms, there’s a thick layer of fresh powder on the ground. You and your friends are thrilled to…


Fall Backpacking in Utah’s Mountains

The dog days of summer have drawn to a close, and Utah’s mountains are waiting for their first dose of snow. Now’s the perfect time to head to the hills for a backpacking getaway. You’ll miss out on crowds and…

Featured Events

Let the Games Begin: Utah Summer Games

Compete in your favorite sport—or try out a new one—at the 25th annual Utah Summer Games. All through the summer months, Utah plays host to dozens of marathons, cycling races and other competitions. But whether you’re a serious athlete or…


From Mountain To Mat: Yoga for Outdoor Athletes

When you hear the word “yoga,” your first thought may be of a roomful of blissed-out, chanting devotees. But as a growing number of serious athletes are discovering, this ancient practice can help strengthen muscles and build skills valuable for…


Getting Started in Cycle Racing

Even beginner-level cycle racing is a demanding and exciting experience. Photo Credit: James Newman, Maybe you’ve been inspired by watching Lance Armstrong and Mark Cavendish conquering the Pyrenees in their quest for the yellow jersey. Or maybe you’ve signed…

Health & Nutrition

How’s Your Salad Bar Savvy?

Learn to Pick a Winning Combination Every Time The salad bar offers you a chance at a healthy, delicious meal—even if your lunchmates are chowing down on burgers and fries. But along with nutrition-packed goodies, all sorts of diet-destroying baddies…

Health & Nutrition

Race Fuel Roundup

Which energy boosters have the nutritional power to propel you to the finish line? It’s spring at last—and the warm weather means the beginning of racing season, whether you’re a runner, cyclist or triathlete. When you’re training for or competing…

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