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Melissa McGibbon is the Senior Editor of Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine. She is an award-winning journalist and is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Her work also appears in Outside Magazine, Lonely Planet, SKI Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Elevation Outdoors, Scuba Diving Magazine, and Matador Network. She is usually in pursuit of adventure, travel, or some daring combination of the two. IG @missmliss //

Gear Ski gear of the year banner

Gear of the Year – Skiing

Gear of the Year: Ski Buyer’s Guide Ready to update your ski or snowboard gear? Late winter is prime time to buy. Why? Sales! Find great deals on current season gear from our favorite makers. If you’re shopping for new…

Travel Telluride mountain range

Telluride, Colorado: My Favorite Mountain Town

Why Telluride is My Favorite Mountain Town To be fair, I have not been to every mountain town, but I’ve been to most of them in the western United States and can say with some certainty that a summer visit…

Trailsides group in raft paddling through rapids on Arkansas River

Paddling the Arkansas, Rowing Cataract

Rowin’ on the River: Paddling the Arkansas, Rowing Cataract If you’re not out there running the rivers this season, what are you even doing with your life? The mucho grande snowpack from one of the snowiest ever seasons in the…

Health & Nutrition

Performance and Recovery Benefits of CBD Oil

Performance and Recovery Benefits of CBD Oil Papa’s Got a Brand New… Dab Endurance athletes often push themselves both physically and mentally while training for their sport, which can eventually cause exhaustion and even pain. A new option for alleviating…

Trailsides Melissa McGibbon cross-country skiing on snowy trail

The ABCs of Cross-Country Skiing

A Tale of Two Skinnies I’ve always been intrigued by cross-country skiing. Why—for the love—would anyone bother with cross-country skiing in Utah, where we have some of the best downhill skiing on the planet? It bewildered me. So I tried…

Travel Melissa McGibbon Skis Steamboat Resort

Skiing and Snowboarding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Champagne Powder and Hot Springs Dreams “I’m giddy with joy. Above me, blue skies and sunshine punctuated with idyllic cumulus clouds. Before me, feet of untouched powder. M’ladies and I exchange quick glances acknowledging our good fortune as we pick…

Travel Glacier National Park photo

Visiting Glacier National Park

Visiting Glacier National Park – The Continental Crown Glacier National Park is mystifyingly beautiful. Its dramatic, saw-toothed aretes and ancient glaciers jut high in the sky while unspoiled expanses of land and lakes roamed by wild creatures sprawl out below.…

Health & Nutrition assorted food for keto diet

Keto Conundrum

What is the Ketogenic Diet? You may have heard of the Paleo Diet and the Whole30 Program, but have you heard of the Keto Diet? Despite being introduced in 1924, it’s recently gained popularity as the latest trending diet and…

Adventure Midway Ice Castle illuminated

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

All Quiet on the Wasatch Front: 6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues Bears aren’t the only ones hibernating. Short days, freezing temperatures, and scarce powder alerts have slowed hobnobbing and happenings to almost a complete stop. After the holidays…

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