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Heart Rate Monitor

With Suunto’s t4c heart rate monitor/watch, you can guide your training and develop a more effective workout plan using the enhanced Coach feature. It’s simple, just pair the t4c with the included Comfort Belt, which uses interference-free digital ANT transmission to monitor your heart rate and calories burned, put in your individual statistics like height, weight and age, then work out.

After you exercise the Coach evaluates your athletic performance and gives you a personalized five-day training program to help you achieve your goals quickly. It tells you what the frequency, duration and intensity of your workouts should be and what days to rest. It’s easy to use and adapts as you improve your fitness level. I also liked the Log feature, which recorded the details of previous workouts including speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate and time. While testing this watch, I was surprised how easy it was to set up and appreciated that the Comfort Belt stayed in place and gave an accurate reading, even during a high-powered, jumping up and down cardio routine. The only way I could love Suunto’s t4c more? If it came in pink, my favorite color. But Suunto says I won’t have to wait long for this development, new vibrant color choices will be available in the spring.

I was even more impressed when I paired the t4c with the optional Foot POD, which is a 3D sensor that attaches to your shoe to accurately provide your speed and distance while running. The Foot POD picks up all motion and the signal won’t disappear in dense trees like a GPS device can. The POD paired with the t4c easily and immediately began transmitting my speed and distance as I ran. I generally run on a treadmill because I like to know my pace and distance ran, but the Foot POD allowed me to train on trails and road without losing sight of my progress.

If running isn’t your sport, get the optional GPS POD which tracks distance and speed for any movement-based sport like hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and more. It can be used for running too, but isn’t as accurate as the Foot POD. Suunto offers a variety of sport specific PODs and a PC POD that receives heart rate data wirelessly from the the Comfort Belt. This USB link for the PC enables you to quickly download data from your Suunto t4c or Foot POD so you can monitor your training sessions online. These and all Suunto products are available at many local stores, including Kirkhams and REI. Suunto t4c Heart Rate Monitor $219, Foot POD $99, GPS POD $169, PC POD $99


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