Opedix R1 Running Tights


For runners, knee problems are a common occurrence that can’t always be easily solved. To combat these problems Opedix Wellness Gear created the R1 Running Tights that protect your knees with the Opedix Knee Support System. This system uses an anchor and sling design and specifically designed fabrics to support the outside of the knee and reduce damaging outward movement. This is said to decrease the stress on the knee joint, reduce pain and increase joint function and stability.

So how do these running tights work? When your foot strikes the ground as you run, the force exerted naturally pushes the knee joint to the outside, creating wear points on the inside of the joint where the load is carried. Opedix’s Knee Support System counteracts these forces and reduces the load by stabilizing the knee joint. In addition to supporting your knees, these tights are made from breathable, moisture wicking, antimicrobial fabrics that keep you fresh through many runs.

Getting the tights on and properly adjusted takes a bit of work, but once placed correctly

you’ll immediately feel extra support around your knees from the specifically sewn fabric. When testing these tights, I personally struggled with zipping the zippers that run down the back of the tights’ legs and wondered why. On closer inspection of the tag, I realized I was sent my size in the petite tights instead of the regular tights so the tights I have are made for a woman three to six inches shorter than me, which explains the problems! Word to the wise, make sure to follow the sizing chart when you order.

Despite fitting problems, I was still able to use the tights and noticed the difference in support on my knees while running. It felt more comfortable to pound the pavement for long periods, but I think the effects would be more noticeable after longterm use. If you don’t have knee problems, these tights may be an unnecessary expense. But if knee problems have kept you from running or made running more difficult, you’ll love the support these tights offer. If you’re a skier or snowboarder, you should also look into Opedix’s S1 Ski and Board Tights, which offer the same knee support system with warmer fabric so you can use them as a base layer. R1 Running Tights $190, S1 Ski and Board Tights $190 opedix.com


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