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Loki Shape Changing Jackets

Carrying around tons of gear in the winter can be a hassle, especially if you’re like me and tend to misplace a mitten or face mask every few days during ski season. That’s where Loki products come in. Loki is a company named after the shape changing God of Mischief in Scandinavian mythology and all their outwear is made to change shape to keep you warm and comfortable in chilly weather.

Loki’s jackets are the first to feature a built-in Face Shield and Mitts; both are unnoticeable when not in use, but are quick to activate. I tested these features on the Women’s Myth Soft Shell ($239), which is made from Midgard Soft Shell fabric that combines a windproof, water resistant membrane bonded to a soft inner fleece for maximum warmth and comfort. The Face Shield is easy to use, just reach back into the hood, grab the Face Shield fabric, pull it over your face and tighten the hood around it for full coverage. This forms a heat seal around your neck that keeps body heat locked in, but it can easily be removed if you get too hot.
When you first try on a Loki jacket, you’ll notice that the sleeves are about three inches longer than normal jackets so they can accommodate the built-in mittens. To use the Mitts, simply slide the cuff over your hand, make a fist, pull the mitt flap from the wrist to the back of your hand and pull your hand forward. Having connected mittens allows your hands to share heat with your body to keep you warmer longer and prevents snow from getting in your mittens and freezing your hands off. With Loki Mitts you’ll never lose or drop a mitten on the lift again, and you’re bound to win any impromptu snowball fight since you’re always prepared with hand protection. However, if you have especially cold hands like me, consider wearing other liner mitts or gloves under your Loki Mitts if outside for long periods of time.

Loki jackets are a great addition to any winter gear arsenal and can even save you money by including a face shield and mitts into a single jacket. If a soft shell isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Many other men’s and women’s styles are available, including hard shells, hoodies, fleeces and more. To purchase Loki products locally visit Parks Sportsman in Orem, or buy online on Loki’s website. lokigear.com


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