Kahtoola®’s FLIGHTdeck™ TS Snowshoe System


Made for running, walking or hiking in snow, Kahtoola’s FLIGHTdeck™ TS is a two-in-one product that combines an adjustable traction system with a step-in snowshoe. The snowshoe binding fits over shoes or boots and is great for walking on packed snow and ice without a snowshoe deck. But if fresh snow is on the ground, just add the step-in snowshoe to provide flotation on powder. The whole system is lightweight at just 59 or 64 ounces, depending on the model, and is easy to carry. The TS23 model weighs 59 ounces and is best for walking, running and fitness; the TS24 model weighs 64 ounces and is made for hiking and exploring. The traction system is the same for both snowshoe decks and will fit on either one.

Made from aircraft aluminum, the snowshoes frames are strong and light. They also feature stainless steel traction cleats and a firm heel pad riser that enhances the performance and feel. I tried these snowshoes out for myself and noticed that the binding fit easily on all types of shoes, including my snowboarding boots, and did not come off like other snowshoe bindings I’ve tried. When using the bindings alone to walk on snow and ice, my feet stayed in place and didn’t slip. Upon reaching powder I stepped into the snowshoe bases and they clicked on easily. They allowed me to float on top of powdery snow and were light enough to run in. So if you’re looking for a versatile snow system that’s works on packed snow, powder and ice, Kahtoola’s FLIGHTdeck™ is a great choice. $269/pair kahtoola.com


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