GoPro® HD Helmet Hero™ Camera


These little cameras have made a big impact in the outdoor industry! The GoPro® HD Hero Camera is the world’s highest performance wearable HD digital video and still camera. It shoots professional quality video and can record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. You can also use it to automatically shoot 5MP photos at 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 second intervals, hands free. It also features single, triple and self timer shot modes.

The HD Hero™ I tested came with mounts to attach the camera to three helmets, two pieces of gear and a head strap to wear the camera like a headlamp. The quick release design allows you to switch from mount to mount easily so you can share it between friends. The HD Helmet Hero™ is also compatible with other GoPro® mounting accessories so you can clamp it to bike handlebars, attach it to a ski pole or wear it on your chest or wrist.

The GoPro® Hero™is virtually bombproof because the polycarbonate exoskeletal housing prevents falls from damaging it. I took a few falls with it while snowboarding and just the housing got wet, the camera stayed dry. The GoPro® Hero™ is also perfect for summer sports because it’s waterproof to 180 feet and has been tested in massive waves in California. So if Utah had an ocean, rest assured that you could even surf with it!

I tried this camera snowboarding all winter and the video quality and sound is fantastic! You didn’t hear the wind as I cruised down the slopes, just the occasional curse word or laughter when I took a fall. Winter sports enthusiasts will also love the integrated battery heating system, which keeps your battery operational, even in icy temperatures.

It took a few reads through the manual to learn the camera’s different settings, but once I got used to it, shooting with the GoPro® Hero™ was a breeze. The only problem I ran into is remembering to press the buttons on the exoskeletal housing hard, otherwise they won’t reach the camera. Also be sure to have a buddy check that the camera is actually recording before you start shooting. Missing a great shot because recording was off is always disappointing.

Now I’m just waiting for summer to come so I can try it on a wakeboard or bike! Want to see our photos and videos from the GoPro® Hero™ this winter? Visit our blog at > For a camera that captures full HD video, the GoPro® HD Hero is a steal! Go Pro HD Helmet Hero $299


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