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Enlyten, which launched in January, has created a product that uses a patent-pending thin-strip technology to deliver active ingredients, like electrolytes or caffeine, over 10 times faster than pills, capsules or liquids. The claim is that you’ll feel the benefits of enlyten’s products in 2–3 minutes, instead of over 30 minutes like other products.

You feel a difference quickly because the bi-layer strips have a greater capacity to maximize the amount of active ingredients and flavor in the product. In addition to working better, enlyten strips are better for the environment than energy and electrolyte drinks because they take up a small amount of space and reduce the number of plastic bottles going in the trash.

Enlyten strips are easy to use. Just take one out of the package and place it inside your cheek. You may feel a tingling sensation or a rush of flavor as the strip begins to dissolve. In just a few minutes you’ll
feel a difference based on the strip’s purpose. The strip varieties are: Antioxidant, Appetite Suppressant, Calorie Burner, Electrolyte Plus, Energy and Melatonin.

We tried the Energy and Melatonin varieties. The Energy strips have an intense minty flavor and not only gave us a boost of energy, but helped freshen our breath as well. They contain no sugar, carbs or fat, but are loaded with B vitamins, caffeine and herbs to give you energy. After a few minutes, we could feel a difference in energy levels, but the boost didn’t last long. Take two or three strips for longer lasting energy. The Melatonin Plus variety is designed to help you relax, reduce sleepiness and even minimize jet lag. We found that after taking them we slept through the night easily.

However, enlyten strips do contain some artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

For more information or to order enlyten products, call 888-808-2345 or email Teri at teri@enivennetworx.com. $40/pack stripadvantage.com


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