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Made in Utah Park City Bikes store interior

Reinventing Rentals

Park City Bike Demos’ Second Act When this unique bike shop closed its doors, it seemed like the end of an era. But with a boost from a big name in cycling, it’s reopened to bring its “concierge” concept to…

Profile Grayson Murphy running

An Explosive Run to the Top

Utahn Grayson Murphy Dominates on Trails and Roads If it seems like world-class runner Grayson Murphy came out of nowhere on the pro running scene, it’s because she did. Grayson grew up playing soccer and ran only for condition, until…

Gear Summer gear banner

The Best New Gear for Summer

18 Fresh Picks for Your Next Run or Ride Whether you run or ride your bike, count on this new, tested gear to help you power through the miles. While these items are available online, consider shopping local and supporting…

Training out of focus group of runners

Leveling Up

Preparing for Your First Half or Full Marathon You’ve dabbled in short-distance events and are thinking about going big for your next race. Here’s what you need to know when training for a half or full marathon: Increase Your Training…


The Importance of Cross-training with Yoga

Finding Balance Now that your calendar is filled with virtual and rescheduled races, it’s time to start thinking about training. Whether you’re new to competing or tackling new distances, everyone can benefit from cross-training with yoga. As you tick up…

Fitness runner on a bridge

How Athletes Maintain Physical Fitness During a Pandemic

Pandemic Fitness Tips for Athletes Sports is unquestionably one of the most missed forms of entertainment since stay-at-home measures were put in place due to the pandemic. With games postponed indefinitely, fans are tuning to replays of memorable matches, and…

Cycling zwift train at home

Keep Social Distancing and Train Virtually with Zwift

Training Goes Virtual: Running and Cycling Meet Virtual Reality with Zwift  Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, we’re all looking for ways to keep training while social distancing. Whether your upcoming race got canceled and you’re looking for an alternative, or…

Fitness Woman running on a dirt trail long-Distance Running Training

How to Keep Training While Social Distancing

Stay Fit, but Stay Home: How to Safely Train During the COVID-19 Pandemic There is a rhythm to training. What seems hard at first becomes more than habit the more you do it. At some point, you reach a…

Health & Nutrition

Be A Steward of Your Poop

How To Properly Dispose of Human Waste in the Winter By Rachel Jorgensen Everyone poops. Even when we’re playing outside. Taking in Mother Nature’s artwork under the open sky while your pants are down is arguably one of the most…

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