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8 Music Apps That Will Help Your Running

Best Music Apps for RunningYou may be lost on where you can find music apps and how different apps work. Use this guide to find the best apps for fueling indoor and outdoor runs or your next workout.  Spotify  …


5 Surprising Winter Outdoor Adventures

5 winter outdoor adventures that aren’t skiing or snowboarding The air gets a little thinner and the cold begins to wrap around us as summer leaves and fall and winter descends. The days may be shorter and our environment seems…

Running injury recovery

Injury Recovery Guide

How to Promote Injury Recovery & Get Back in the Race Most runners and other athletes experience injuries as part of extensive training. It’s simply unavoidable. But what happens when a serious accident results in surgery and rehabilitation? Is it…

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Pursuit Series at Snowbasin

When I signed up for Pursuit Series at Snowbasin, UT, I knew it would be cool, but it didn’t know it would be so freaking cool! It’s is a three-day outdoor event that includes a ton of activities, courses, instructors,…

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Utah’s Must-Run Trail Races

The Big 5: Utah’s Must-Run Trail Races Looking to race in a whole new way? The sport of trail racing is growing fast, and it’s a great way to explore Utah’s beautiful mountains. Whether you’re bored of your usual road…

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Utah’s Toughest Trail Runs

5 Peaks to Bag This Fall Utahns are surrounded by mountains on all sides, yet many people run back and forth on the same roads, past the same McDonalds, Starbucks, and houses every day for years. Looking to mix up…

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5 Great Races for Beginning Runners

Running isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely more difficult for some than others. For those whose running abilities haven’t reached Spartan levels yet, there are still a ton of available races to run in order to gain skill and have…

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Utah Half Marathons: Staff Favorites

Many Utah half marathons are just around the corner! Check out these local races we love and get signed up before they sell out! Ogden Half May 21, 2016 in Ogden The Ogden Marathon is a well-known race around the…

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The Big 5

Utah’s Must-run Half Marathons Utah has a lot of great races to choose from, but the half marathon distance is growing in popularity for many reasons. It allows for faster recovery, requires less training, and can be done more often…