5 Great Races for Beginning Runners


Running isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely more difficult for some than others. For those whose running abilities haven’t reached Spartan levels yet, there are still a ton of available races to run in order to gain skill and have fun in the process.

Many of these fun race options allow beginners to run a race without the pressures of hard training. These races are more about having fun, staying active, and less about your finish time.

color-runColor Run

The official Color Run is a 5k event and hosts events in over 200 cities and 40 countries every year. Their tagline is “The Happiest 5K on the planet” and it has no official winners or times. Runners wear white and are covered in different colors at each kilometer. Runners can be any fitness level, any age, and can finish at any time. For those that have never run a race before, this is the perfect event. It focuses on fun and healthy living and less on running times and the pressures of finishing. Not only that, they also partner with local and national charities – so you’re running for a ton of great reasons and you don’t have to be worried that your fitness level can’t hack it.

mud-runMud Run

Running, an obstacle course, and mud combine to make for an unforgettable run for runners of any level. There are a ton of different mud runs available depending on your location including The Dirty Dash, the Dirty Girl Mud Run, Merrell Down and Dirty, and so many more. Similar to the Color Run, many of the mud races focus on fun and getting involved and less about times and how fast you finish. For this reason, many beginners have found themselves crossing the finish line and running home to sign up for more runs. Runners of all ages and abilities are encouraged to wear costumes and get active while covered in mud.

Bubble Run

It’s hard to imagine something more fun to bring out your inner child than running through a bunch of bubbles. Fortunately, the Bubble Run allows us to have this experience and make our inner children happy. Similar to the Color Run, the Bubble Run is all about wearing white and allowing the bubbles to stain you and your clothes those colors at each kilometer. It’s great for all ages, all fitness levels, and also doesn’t do placement awards or keep any timing. There’s music, dancing, and local vendors available at the end of the race, so the fun doesn’t stop after the 5 kilometers of bubbles. Also, the bubbles are 100% safe – so not to worry about you or your kiddos accidently ingesting some colorful foam.

beginner-runnersLocal Themed 5K

All of the races mentioned so far have been themed, and there are many more themed races that may be local to your area. Themed races have become extremely popular and are designed to draw in more people to become active and engaged in their community. These local races support local restaurants and vendors as well. There are glow stick runs, undie runs, 80’s runs, zombie runs, beer runs, wine runs, and basically any themed run you can think of available in cities around the United States. Since these runs are designed to draw in people, they are also designed for runners of many ages or fitness levels.

Not all races are created equal, so you’ll need to do your research and make sure each race is right for you. Many races are timed and rely heavily on placements and timing, which might be a great thing for you depending on how much of a beginner you are. Whether you choose untimed races or you push yourself further, be aware of running related injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and pulled muscles common to beginners and how to prevent them.

Charity Run

Many races are partnered with charities in order to raise money while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Even the more difficult races partner with charities so that a portion of the proceeds go towards a good cause. In order to raise as much money as possible, many races try to be open to all ages and fitness levels. Relay for Life is affiliated with the American Cancer Society, Race for the Cure is affiliated with Susan G. Komen, and many other local charity runs are affiliated with local charities. Utilizing fun runs or themed runs for fundraising is a popular way to fundraise for a good cause and since the idea is to raise as much money as possible, it’s great for beginners since they tend to cater to all types of fitness levels.

Whether you’re trying to increase your athleticism to run marathons, you’d like to get better at running fun runs, or you’re just trying to be a little more active, there are many races meant to cater to many different fitness levels and focus on the fun instead of your running time. For those that are not confident enough in their running abilities to run in a timed race, these races are great for beginners. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with playing in the mud.


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