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Race Report: Hershey 10K

Over six kilometers into a 10K race, the course banks right as I follow the leading runners into an open side gate at the famed Hershey amusement park. If it weren’t for the collective of enthusiastic volunteers banging clappers together…


Do You Need A Coach?

6 Reasons the Answer is Yes Employing an expert to help you train smarter isn’t just for Olympic athletes—it can benefit anyone. Most of us are leading busy, goal-driven lives, and if athletic achievement is on your to-do list…

Running Run Wild

Run Wild: Salt Lake’s Best Trail Runs

Living at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains gives us access to a veritable playground right outside our doorstep. Brigham Young was right when he said, “This is the place.” Today, it isn’t about the protection the mountains provide, but the…

Featured Events Red Rock Relay Zion

Red Rock Relay Zion Review

185.3 Miles of Pain and Glory It’s just past 3:00 a.m. I’m running alone on a dark, deserted highway, lit only by moonlight and the steady beam of my headlamp. I’m two miles in to the last of my three…

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Natural Born Runners

Is Running Without Running Shoes For You? We Give you the Facts. It’s a tough world out there for a runner’s feet. Slamming against the ground dozens of times a minute, flying over all kinds of obstacles, chafing and swelling…