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It’s 95 degrees outside in New York City, but inside a nondescript warehouse, the temperature is a chilly 35 degrees. Nike has transformed the space into a winter testing lab of sorts where journalists are guinea pigs here to test their latest innovations in the weather they are built for: cold.

Therma-Sphere, Nike’s cold-weather workout gear project that was nearly two years in the making, is the crowning achievement of their winter collection with iterations available for men and women. The entire Therma-Sphere line is made from three-layer composite material that feels soft and almost squishy to the touch and has Nike Sphere raised nodes inside it top provide warmth and breathability while maintaining a sleek, fashionable style.

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Trying on my new Nike gear.

Soon we headed into a dressing room where lockers with our names on them await us. Inside we revealed Nike Pro Training Tights, Nike Pro Hyperwarm Limitless Women’s Training Hoodie, Nike Free Cross Complete Training Shoes, a Nike sports bra, and the coveted Therma-Sphere Max Vest…all in our sizes and ready to workout in. The whole outfit is easily a new winter favorite, but the Vest stands out. It’s fitted to a women’s shape and has soft material that allows for easy movement.


Ready to workout!

Let the Testing Begin
Once changed, men and women reunited in a dark, icy cold room filled with workout equipment and large screens that depicted mountains and snowscapes. Everyone was chilled upon walking since we were gloveless and hatless, but thankfully we weren’t there to stand around and look good. It was time to put Therma-Sphere to the test in the cold.

Our trainer, Nike’s Frank Dolan, planned an intense workout designed to put the gear through all the paces. We jogged in place to warm up, our ears and hands still icy cold, before breaking into smaller groups for a circuit workout using treadmills, kettleballs, and body-weight exercises that got our hearts racing.

IMG_2650We could see our breath in the air as we ran up an incline on a treadmill, using our own resistance to get it moving, but I quickly warmed up and felt comfortable in the cold as I continued exerting myself.


The bootcamp workout continued with speedskater lunges and tossing a weighted ball to the ground and soon we were all sweating intensely. At this point, I’d take off any jacket and strip to a tank top normally, but not so for Therma-Sphere Vest.

Therma-Sphere Gear Reviewed

Despite having a shirt designed to keep you warm and the vest on, I never felt too hot. This occurs because Therma-Sphere’s three-layer composite fabric design not only keeps you warm in the cold, but prevents overheating once you start sweating. Men testing the Therma-Sphere Max Jacket had similar results as I only saw one person strip off their jacket from the group during the workout. This is great news as it’s a hassle to have to continually remove and add layers during a workout.

nikevest-whiteThough we tested the collection indoors, these pieces perform well outside thanks to a water-repellent coating and wind-resistant fabric that protects you from whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

By the time the workout ended, our journalist crew was drenched and exhausted. Luckily the locker room was stoked with juice and snacks to refuel us before venturing back into the hot New York City day!

Nike let us keep the amazing outfit we worked out in for continued testing, and I keep wishing it would get colder so I could try it all outside! So far this fall, the Therma-Sphere Max Vest has been my constant companion. It’s gone on cross-country trips with me and traveled to the top of peaks and has become my favorite core-warming piece for cool mountain mornings and outdoor runs alike.

nikethermasphereMen raved about the Jacket, but I couldn’t try it for myself since only a vest is currently available for women. They’re a little pricey up front at $155 for the Therma-Sphere Max Women’s Vest and $185 for the Therma-Sphere Max Jacket, but after testing them the cost is worth it. These pieces have a classic styling so you can wear them forever and the techy features make them a perfect choice for any winter workout.

So if you’re searching for the perfect winter fitness/workout jacket or vest, the Therma-Sphere Max may just be it. Winter is coming. Get prepared for it HERE.


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