Fun Upgrades You Can Make to Your UTV or ATV


Having an ATV or UTV can be a fun way to get around a large piece of property. ATVs are great for offroading on undeveloped terrain, and UTVs can do some of that but also prove useful in getting around a large campus. As fun as they are on their own, there are also fun upgrades you can make to many of them to dial up the entertainment factor even more.

A Winch

A winch isn’t a toy in itself, but it can make things easier at times or just keep the fun going. If you’re into hunting, a powerful winch might pull a heavy kill out of thick brush for you. You can also use it to pull fallen trees out of your path or even fence posts down. In a campsite, you can extend the winch for a makeshift clothesline. Just make sure your winch can handle a minimum of the vehicle weight so you can get out of the mud and keep the good times rolling.

An LED Light Bar

An LED light bar lets you keep going when it’s dark outside. They provide seriously bright illumination, but they also do so with extreme energy efficiency. The minimal power drain helps keep you going even longer than the previous lighting would have ever let you accomplish.

A Sound Bar System

An ATV or UTV sound bar system can help you enjoy something standard in most passenger vehicles, and that’s music and audio. Whether you listen to your own MP3 collection, podcasts, or the radio, you can treat your ears to the acoustic content of your choice while riding around in your vehicle. If you’re offroading in the wilderness, you might not have any neighbors to complain about how loud the tunes are.

A Roof

While you might crank up your music enough to blow the roof off, you might want to consider adding one in the first place. Outdoors advocates for one if you operate vehicles in hot summer weather since they can keep the sun’s harsh rays from hitting you directly. You don’t have to use a manufacturer accessory specifically, but they do tend to fit and function better.


If you’re fortunate enough to own a UTV or ATV, then you have a vehicle experience available quite unlike passenger vehicles you might ride in every day. They can offer you plenty of adventure and entertainment, but adding the right upgrades can make them even more fun.


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