The Joy of Java


Hallelujah! The snow is falling, you ready to ski/ride, your season pass hangs proudly around your neck, you’re almost ready to break first tracks and just one thing is missing…coffee.

Your morning cup is ritualistically sublime, but it also benefits you on a cellular level. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that drinking caffeinated coffee boosts muscle recovery by 60%. It would take at least eight cans of cola to achieve the same effect as drinking two mugs of coffee, but drinking cola doesn’t provide the powerful antioxidants or other perks that come with a coffee habit like improved mood and memory. Not only is coffee a powerful performance enhancer, it also lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and certain cancers.

Lucky for you, local purveyors of this addictive uncontrolled substance share your desire for a delicious mugful of freshly roasted brew. They’ve created some special concoctions that are worth stopping for before you hit the slopes.

Bad Ass Coffee Co. – 100% Hawaiian Kona Peaberry Coffee

3530 S. State Street, Salt Lake City,

The slightly nutty, slightly fruity, velvety flavor profile of Kona Coffee is accomplished by growing the beans in shade at high altitude in rich volcanic soil. Peaberries are known to have a much lower acidity compared to regular beans because of their small size and shape. Hawaii’s Kona region is one mile wide by 30 miles long and the Peaberry crop accounts for only 2% of the entire harvest.

Beans and Brews – Iced Mocha

2335 East 7000 South, Cottonwood Heights and about 20 other locations along the Wasatch Front, 888-30BEANS,

Made in a bubbler with Ghirardelli cocoa, this guilty pleasure is not your average mocha. There are no added sugars in this mix, but if you like it really sweet, ask for it tan and they’ll add a hint of white chocolate. Yum!

Blue Star Juice & Java – Americano and Apple Cider

2795 South 2300 East, Salt Lake City, 801-466-4280

This coffee shop roasts their coffee in-house and pays attention to details like keeping their creamers in the fridge. Blue Star also gets bonus points for atmosphere. Try the Americano, it’s dreamy. If you don’t like coffee, don’t miss Blue Star’s signature Apple Cider. It’s made with freshly juiced apples and a delicious blend of spices.

Carlucci’s Bakery – Iced Coffee

314 W. Broadway #101, Salt Lake City, 801-366-4484,

Carlucci’s brews locally roasted Caffe Ibis and serves it with iced coffee cubes so your drink never gets watered down—it’s brilliant. Carlucci’s also frequently offers a Peaberry blend. New rule: If you see Peaberry on the menu, get it.

Jack Mormon Coffee – House Coffee and Jack Frost

82 E Street, Salt Lake City, 801-359-2979,

Jack Mormon makes the perfect cup of personally tailored micro-roasted coffee. They roast one pound at a time from single estate beans, no blends. They also have a rare Clover Vacuum Brewer, which regulates, with exact precision, the amount of time and heat at which the coffee is brewed. Also try the Jack Frost, a blended coffee shake. It’s heavenly.

Raw Bean Coffee – James Especiale Espresso

611 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, 801-990-2326,

If you are looking for a serious dose of giddy-up, owner James Kaye will set you up with his Especiale Espresso, a special blend of coffee, a double shot of espresso and cream poured short, plus complimentary biscotti made by none other than Mama Kaye. This distinctive blend of rocket fuel will have you skiing uphill in no time. It’s strong but smooth, so you won’t be making funny faces while you sip.

Salt Lake Roasting Company – Banana Espresso Frappe

320 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, 801-363-7572,
Owner John Bolton was just in Kona for the harvest, personally picking the most adorable coffee beans just for you. For the past 28 years he’s been all over the planet in search of the world’s best beans, and it seems he has found them. You’ll only find the blended yumminess that is the Banana Espresso Frappe at Salt Lake Roasting Company. This drink is a natural blend of bananas, espresso, ice, cream, honey and vanilla so you don’t have to worry about added syrups. Sweet!



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