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By Melissa McGibbon

Your training team is bigger than you realize. Every day people go to bat for you, for me, for all of us who are striving to be stronger, faster, better. They have a hand in the design and innovation of the products that help all of us achieve our goals, and they share in our passions and triumphs.

We’ve culled together a sampling of some of the best gadgetry to give you the edge while you train and when you race.

Meet your support team

Suunto Ambit Silver HR-1 1. Suunto Ambit GPS Watch
The coveted Ambit watch has all the fixins’ to help you get the most out of your training: full GPS with global/local grids, integrated heart rate monitor, and a unique 3D compass. $500

Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite 2. Lezyne Carbon Drive Lite
Take this hand pump with you wherever you ride. It’s compact and made of lightweight and durable MCT carbon composite. The barrel and handle are made of MCT reinforced carbon fiber so, yeah, it’s light. $59

Lezyne Twin Speed Drive C02 Inflator 3. Lezyne Twin Speed Drive C02 Inflator
Simple and fast. This inflator is compact 100% CNC machined aluminum. The threaded valve operation allows for easy inflation and the Twin Slip-Fit head presses onto Presta and Schrader valves for quick engagement. $14

Lezyne Femto Drive Front and Rear LED Lights 4. Lezyne Femto Drive Front and Rear LED Lights
Ride safely with these compact, bright, affordable safety lights with lenses made of high-grade optical material. They have four flash modes, one solid mode, are weather resistant, and extremely durable. $14

-1 Interval 4G with Blue Apple iPod Shuffle 5. X-1 Interval 4G with Blue Apple iPod Shuffle
If you don’t feel awesome while you swim your laps, try using the X-1 Interval 100% waterproof underwater headphone system. I won’t say it will make you a better swimmer, but I will say you’ll forget about everything else and focus on your training. It attaches to any swim goggle and is very easy to use. $139

Topeak Waterproof Wedge 6. Topeak Waterproof Wedge
This DryWedge is made from rigid EVA foam and Denier nylon waterproof fabrics, so it can stand up to whatever weather comes your way. Its sonically welded seams and roll closure keep water and mud out. No excuses, get after it. $39

Topeak ALiEN III Multi-Tool 7. Topeak ALiEN III Multi-Tool
This multi-tool has everything. It features 25 (yes 25) high-quality tools to manage roadside repairs, and it includes a chain tool compatible with all single-speed and most multi-speed chains. There’s also a stainless steel wire chain hook, stainless steel knife, a plethora of wrenches, and a bottle opener for post-ride revelry. $69

Speedo Fastskin3 Super Eilte Mirrored Goggle 8. Speedo Fastskin3 Super Eilte Mirrored Goggle
Designed for optimum fit with a wide peripheral vision, these goggles help make you faster in the water. This is the first goggle to feature an outer Dive Stream profile to protect the eyes and improve hydrodynamic contouring of the head with reduced risk of goggle movement during dives and turns. $100

Camelbak Arc Quick Grip 9. Camelbak Arc Quick Grip™
Stow your key and tiny neccessities in the pocket of this stable bottle that’s shaped to hug your hand. The bottle has self-sealing jet valves so you don’t need to worry about leaking or splashing on the run. $60

E-Case iSeries iPhone Case 10. E-Case iSeries iPhone Case
Touch, talk, and listen while you swim, run, or ride with this featherweight case. It’s fully waterproof with RF welded seams and a SealLock zipper to keep everything dry for up to 30 minutes in three feet of water. $30

Incase Sports Armband Deluxe 11. Incase Sports Armband Deluxe
Keep your phone secure, protected, and accessible while you train with this adjustable armband. The case doesn’t cover the screen so you won’t lose any dexterity while controlling your touchscreen. $44

CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro 12. CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro
Ready, set, train. This super smooth, quiet, durable, stable trainer features four levels of resistance and an authentic road-like feel. $399

PowerCal Power Meter 13. PowerCal Power Meter
A power meter and heart rate monitor in one that’s ANT+ compatible. Enables you to get accurate measurements of your energy output and your body’s response to the work. $99

Park Tool Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool 14. Park Tool Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool
Make chain fixing go fast. This 10-speed compatible chain tool works with any derailleur chain. It’s perfect for packing in a wedge and weighs in at just 77 grams. $15

Lezyne CNC Floor Drive

15. Lezyne CNC Floor Drive

This high-pressure floor pump features machined aluminum construction so it’s durable and lightweight. The ABS flip thread chuck and long rubber hose maneuver to both Presta and Schrader valves on the stand. It’s also compatible with disc wheels and comes with an oversized gauge. $99

lezyne Metal Patch Kit

16. Lezyne Metal Patch Kit

This patch kit has an aluminum case and rubber end caps that make it waterproof and durable. The glueless patches conform to inflated tubes with an aggressive adhesive, making them a permanent repair. The instructions have an adhesive backing to serve as an emergency tire boot. The kit also includes a stainless steel scuffer. $5

Niterider Lumina 650

17. Niterider Lumina 650

Smaller, lighter, and brighter sums up the new Lumina 650. Building off the widely popular Cordless Series, the USB rechargeable Lumina has four levels of brightness, a flash mode, and features a new lightweight body with increased thermal properties. It’s mountable on helmets and handlebars and includes Niterider’s Li-Ion Battery. Fully-charged, this light will shine for 5.5 hours. $139

Niterider Solas Watt USB Tail Light

18. Niterider Solas 2 Watt USB Tail Light

The new Solas 2 Watt Tail Light has a powerful 2 watt LED, with four modes (2flash/2 steady) and is USB rechargeable. It will survive 18 hours on the first flash setting, seven on the second flash setting, four and a half on high steady, and 36 hours on low steady. It includes a USB cable and seat post and stay mounts. This light is great for staying visible without blinding anyone in your peloton. $44

Niterider TL 5.0

19. Niterider TL 5.0

The TL 5.0 has five ultra bright LEDs with four different operating modes, including three levels of flash. The TL 5.0 is meant to keep you seen from behind. Attach it to the seat stem facing away from your body for optimal visibility. It will run for up to 70 hours and runs on two AAA batteries. $9

Niterider CherrBomb Taillight

20. Niterider CherryBomb Taillight

If you’re going to be riding at low light conditions, you’ll want to be as visible as possible. The CherryBomb light uses a unique multi-directional collimator specifically designed for cycling, the CherryBomb maximizes visibility by dispersing light to the sides of the rider as well as to the rear, effectively eliminating blind spots. It has a run time of up to 100 hours on two fully charged AAA batteries. The CherryBomb also has a flash mode and comes with clip and bike mounts for mounting versatility. $24

Melissa McGibbon is an Associate Editor for Outdoor Sports Guide magazine, a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, and a Lolë Ambassador. She is exceedingly optimistic and always in pursuit of adventure, travel, or some daring combination of the two.


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