The Best Booze & Brews in the Wasatch


What We’re Drinking This Winter

The Best Booze & Brews in the Wasatch

The Beehive State is far from dry—you’ve heard that superlative over and over, often times I’ve sung the same refrain. Now that we know we can get a drink, the question is what to drink, and when and where? From downtown to Park City to the ski hills, here’s what we’ll be sipping on this winter. 

Downtown Salt Lake City

Craft Cocktails @ Water Witch

best booze

Find Utah’s best booze and cocktails at downtown’s Water Witch

One of the first things you’ll notice upon walking into Water Witch in the Central Ninth district is that there’s no drink menu to speak of. Instead, the bartenders, some of the craftiest mixologists in the City of Salt, ask, “What you are in the mood for? Mezcal, scotch, perhaps barrel-aged gin?” Using everything from obscure spirits to locally distilled bottles can be found here: Sugarhouse Vodka, Beehive Gin(try the barrel-aged version), High West bourbon & rye, and Ogden’s Own—just to name a few.

Their inquisitiveness continues with questions such as: “Would you like it boozy or refreshing?” “Spirit forward?” The back and forth continues until you provide enough information for them to create a unique cocktail specific to your tastes and mood. The experience is different every time, and each bartender has their own approach, so I encourage you to visit “the Witch” more than once. 

Beer Me @ Downtown SLC

Much like after Labor Day you should put your “summer whites” in the back of the closet, out come darker and heavier brews like stouts and porters. Beer Bar, the Bayou, and Beerhive in downtown SLC have huge selections, as does Lucky 13, which also means you can polish of the best burger in the state with a heavy beer. Que up the winter food coma.

Epic Brewings’ Big Bad Baptist is one of the most versatile heavy beers to come out of Utah, and a perfect winter brew. The classic version is aged in bourbon barrels with local coffee (look for several roasters in different versions each season) plus cacao nibs. The Baptista, which uses Mexican coffee, and the Double Barrel, where both the coffee and beer are aged in bourbon barrels, are also available. Uinta’s Stompin’ Grounds Coffee Stout is brewed in a similar fashion and can be hard to find, so order one up if you see it on a menu.

Park City

Sake @ Yuki Yama

Park City sake

When the first cold snap of the year hits, I instantly crave ramen. And there is no better ramen in the state than at Yuki Yama on Main Street in Park City. (Don’t @ me about that famous-ish place with long lines foodies seem to rave about.)

But, you need something to wash ramen down with, and sake is the best call. Yuki has a great list, with many unique selectionsand interesting serving vessels. Chiyomusubi Sake comes in a glass jar with a lid that is as unique as its contents: I tried the Oyaji Gokuraku, Nezemi Otoko Jungin, and Kitaro Jungin over a few visits this fall and cannot choose a favorite; they are each amazing. If you’re not a sake fan, give one of the imported Japanese beers a try. On a recent trip, the Hitachino IPA landed on the rotating list of suds.

The White Bear @ Deer Valley’s Brass Tag

brass tag deer valley

The White Bear at Deer Valley

Confession: There have been one or two (ok, maybe more) days I wasn’t quite eager to don my ski gear and head to the hill. Spoiled, I know. More often than not, what kicks my motivation into gear is the thought that “If I go skiing at Deer Valley, I can have lunch at Deer Valley, which means I can get an aprés drink at Brass Tag.” Works like a charm, every time.

This winter my go-to cocktail is going to be the White Bear, which uses one of Utah’s best booze options, Sandy, Utah’s Outlaw Distillery Spiced Rum. Combining spiced rum, Frangelico (which adds its renowned nuttiness) and an ounce of fresh cream, the White Bear looks like a powder day, smells like a winter night, and will no doubt highlight the rosy red in your nose after a day of ripping groomers. Surprisingly easy drinking, even with spiced rum and cream as the main ingredients, these robust flavors maintain a perfect balance – unlike me on a pair of skis.

The Gin Experience @ 350 Main

Alpine Distilling Gin Experience

Distilling custom batches at the Alpine Distilling Gin Experience in Park City. Photo Credit: Jenny Willden

The Alpine Distilling Gin Experience at 350 Main is for the gin loveror future gin lover after this eventin your life. A perfect holiday gift (this is why I have my wife “proofread” my articles) is a fun and intimate way to learn about the art of distilling and history of gin, all while expanding your aroma sensory skills.  

This isn’t just a gin tasting though, it’s a thorough history of the spirit, distillation, and the science of aroma sensory interspersed throughout the evening. The main attraction is you and your plus one go home with a custom bottle of gin, your very own private label, choosing the botanicals distilled in the batch. If that’s not enough, the event takes place at Alpine’s micro-distilling location on Park City Main Street and includes a four-course dinner.

If you’re looking to pair Utah’s best booze and brews with adventures, check out our winter beer and adventure pairing guide. 


The Old World Holiday

Waterpocket Fold Oread

More into mixing up cocktails at home? Me too. A relative newcomer to the craft spirit world is Waterpocket Fold Distillery. Focusing on long-lost spirits, owner/distillers Julia and Alan Scott turned me onto their Oreadtheir adaption of a 19th Century Danzig Liqueur.

According to Waterpocket Fold’s website, this spirit “summons the pure essences of aromatic roots, spices, and flowers…combining Roman Chamomile Galanga, Star Anise, Orange Peel, and eight more herbs and spices to produce an all-botanical liqueur of rare charm.”

 Around the holidays last year Waterpocket released this recipe featuring the Oread. I served I on Christmas Day to a group of friends who are not often interested in cocktails and wound up having to make a second batch my guests were so intrigued by the taste and presentation.

 The Old World Holiday Recipe

1 oz Robbers Roost Whiskey

.75 Long Lost Oread

.50 Fresh Orange Juice

.50 Cinnamon Simple Syrup

Stir all ingredients over ice. Serve in a rocks glass with large ice cube and garnish with Creminelli salami, rosemary, and green pimento olives.


Slopeside Brews for Skiers

 The best on-mountain brews and cocktails at Utah’s ski resorts.

solitude brewski apres ski beer


Solitude Mountain Resort

BrewSki Mountain Lager

Bohemian Brewery and Solitude collaborated on the BrewSki Mountain Lager, available at all the resort’s restaurants and bars.


Tram Club’s $5 Beer-and-a-Shot Special

This venerable beer-and-a-bump special is a rite of passage along with first tracks off the Tram. You can also find Wasatch Brewery’s Snowbird IPA at your favorite watering hole.

Alta Ski Area

Alta Bomb

Ask for the “Alta Bomb” at Goldminer’s Daughtera double shot of espresso added to a PBRmeant to be chugged. You’ll thank us later.


Hot Toddy

In addition to stellar nachos, Molly Green’s serves up a hot toddy that has kept me going for a few extra laps night skiing.


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