Stainless Steel Water Bottles


As temperatures heat up, water bottles become the must-have accessory for spring training, but with concerns about BPA and the environment mounting, people are looking for safe alternatives to plastic bottles. That alternative is stainless steel, the latest trend in water bottles. Stainless steel bottles are durable, lightweight, reusable, recyclable and completely free of BPA. Many water bottle makers are now creating stainless steel versions, but the first to use only stainless steel in all bottles was Klean Kanteen.

Klean Kanteen’s bottles are made of food-grade stainless steel which keeps drinks tasting fresh, even if stored in a bottle for several days. They can even be used to hold acidic beverages, like orange juice. Each Kanteen comes with a BPA-free plastic cap, but if you prefer to avoid plastic altogether you can get a stainless steel cap. The new plastic sport cap is perfect for biking and running. We also liked the 12 oz. Sippy bottle ($18) for kids, it’s a safe alternative to a plastic sippy cup and is available in fun colors that are painted with lead- and toxin-free acrylic paint.

For taking wine on the go, Klean Kanteen’s new shatterproof Wine Karafe ($21) is a treat. You can pack this bottle on a picnic and know the wine will arrive tasting as great, or better, than when you first opened it. The Karafe doesn’t retain flavors, so after drinking your wine just rinse it with water and soap then fill it with something new. However, Kleen Kanteen’s bottles are single-walled, so never use them to store hot drinks or you could get burned.

If you’re looking for a stainless steel bottle for hot beverages, check out Stanley’s new Nineteen13 Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle ($25), which keeps drinks toasty all day and includes a handy cup lid for easy sipping. All Nineteen13 stainless steel water bottles are leakproof, packable, guaranteed for life and available in colorful, funky designs.

You can also get great stainless steel water bottles from Camelbak. They just announced a stainless steel Better Bottle that features their bite valve technology, catchy slogans and unique designs. The bottles are available in insulated or uninsulated versions and will be available in stores in May.


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