Hologram Bands


By Jenny Willden

Embedded hologram technology…it sounds like something out of a Star Trek episode, but is actually a health trend that’s catching on amongst celebrities, pro football players, surfers and regular Joes like you and me. No, these holograms won’t transport you to a far-off galaxy, but are actually designed to optimize your natural energy flow by resonating with your body’s natural energy field.

Each hologram is made of a metallic material called Mylar, which is most commonly embedded into a silicone bands or anklet that can be worn during any activity, including watersports. EFX Performance, a producer of wearable holograms, says the most common benefits people feel while wearing one are: improved balance, strength, flexibility, endurance and increased energy. But everyone’s response to wearable holograms is unique, and many users also report reduced swelling and pain and a reduction in jet lag.EFX Performance

Not sure you believe the hype? Take EFX’s Balance Test to see how the product performs before you purchase it. I tried the balance test at the expo for a half marathon I was running, and immediately noticed increased balance. Find out more about the test and technology at efxusa.com/technology.

I started wearing an EFX hologram band after the test and noticed an immediate increase in energy. So much so that I have to remove the band at night if I want a good night’s sleep! Our other testers reported that their old injuries felt less painful while wearing the band and that they too felt energized. But don’t believe us…ask athletes who endorse holograms like Derron Williams, Shaquille O’Neal and skateboarder Ryan Sheckler.EFX Oval

So do hologram bracelets actually improve performance? Or is wearing one nothing more than a placebo effect? The benefits can’t be scientifically proved, but I can say that the increased energy I’ve felt since first using one is enough to keep me wearing it…and recommending them. For a $29 investment, hologram technology is worth checking out. Get them online at efxusa.com or powerbalance.com.


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