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What to eat and when to eat it to maintain that active lifestyle

Adventure camping food

Easy Camping Meals from Fireside Provisions

Easy Camping Meals Delivered from Fireside Provisions When camping and backpacking, gourmet eats are not on the menu. Meals for these adventures have long been relegated to bags full of dried, processed food, or tin dinners roasted fireside filled with…

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The Female Athlete Triad

What the Triad Syndrome Means for Athletes In 2013, Angela Sorenson (not her real name) was preparing for her third marathon of the year. She’d stepped up her training schedule recently, trying to get her time back down after having…

Articles A runner holding her knee

Understanding Runner’s Knee

By Stephen Kirk, MD Sports Medicine Specialist, Comprehensive Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Runner’s knee is the common term for any one of several conditions that cause pain in front, behind, or around the kneecap, or patella. The most common of…

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Fats: Friend or Foe?

Creamy, chewy, delicious, deadly. Fats of all kinds have been nutritional boogeymen for decades. However recent research suggests that, not only are fats important as part of a healthy diet, but they may have special value for active athletes. So…

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Banish Winter Blues

6 Tips for Avoiding the Post-holiday Blahs Christmas may be the season to be jolly, but the wintry days that follow can wreak havoc on your mood. Short days, gray skies, and chilly temperatures compound the natural letdown after the…

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Micronutrients, Mega Benefits

Vitamins and Minerals for Peak Performance Getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet may seem like a straightforward affair. Eat a bowl of fortified cereal, have a big leafy salad, maybe pop a multivitamin pill if you’re feeling particularly…

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BIKE SAFETY 101 and INJURY Treatment Tips

Utah’s beautiful trails and roadways offer some of the best cycling on Earth, and biking is a great way to explore while being active. Unfortunately, accidents are always a risk when riding on roads and mountain trails and they can…


About Your Tan

A Spring Training Skin Care Primer Board shorts and a ball cap, the perfect attire for a mid–morning jog along Rio de Janeiro’s perfectly arcing beaches of mellow golden sand. I normally don’t run shirtless, but since this particular outing…


With a Side of Hype

Popular diet philosophies often directly contradict each other. Can any of them back up the benefits they promise with real research? Grains are killing you slowly! Whole grains are the key to weight loss! Meat helps build muscle! Meat is…

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The Protein Question

What is it and how much do you need? Since 1960—when just 13 percent of Americans were obese and just 1 percent had diabetes—there has been a considerable effort to understand our obesity epidemic. Over 600,000 articles have been published…

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