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What to eat and when to eat it to maintain that active lifestyle

Health & Nutrition

Super-Fuel Foods For Cardio Training

5 Nutrient-Dense Foods for Cardio Training Carbohydrates are a controversial subject among nutrition experts. There are a fair number who are against them, claiming that a ketogenic diet is better for athletic performance. But the common wisdom that prevails is…

Health & Nutrition Woman skiing on powder snow

Pursuit of Powder

Why Snow Makes Us Happy Snow just feels magical. Its beauty can leave you speechless, playing in it makes you feel like a kid again, and the fluffy white flakes can even have a positive effect on personal happiness. Snowy…

Health & Nutrition

Healthy Snacks for the Slopes

Easy, Delicious Snacks for the Slopes On the slopes or on the trails, there’s no surer way to bring a great day to a screeching halt than to let “hanger” get the best of you. Combine humans’ natural drive to…

Articles Miso soup bowl on a table

Probiotic Power

Microbiota for Athletic Performance After a long, tough run, capped with a half-mile hill climb, you’re spent. To quench your thirst and restore your spirits, you uncap your water bottle and take a long, refreshing sip of…fizzy sour milk? Believe…

Articles group of runners on a snowy trail

Training Risks: Heart Breakers

Is Excessive Endurance Training Putting You at Risk? In April 2016, nearly 40,000 runners gathered at the starting line for the London Marathon. 31-year-old British Army captain David Seath was among them. An experienced athlete and combat veteran who was…

Gear utah women backpacking

4 Easy Backpacking Meals You’ll Love

Healthy Ideas for Backpacking Meals, Snacks, and Coffee Autumn is primo backpacking season in Utah thanks to the stunning colors and cool temps. If you backpack often, or even if you’re just getting into it, you may be looking for…

Articles On the course of Park City’s North Face Endurance Challenge.

Nutrition Tips For Runners

By Sarah Stanley Almost every runner I know (myself included!) wants to be a better a runner. We want to run better, perform with excellence and recover faster. So how can you achieve all of this? There are a variety…

Articles Salt Lake City Yoga women

Wild and Free Yoga

Outdoor & No-cost Classes Near Salt Lake City For building strength, increasing flexibility, and giving yourself peace of mind, there’s no better place to be than a yoga class. But especially during the warm months of summer and early fall,…

Health & Nutrition sunshine vitamin d

Improve Your Health With Vitamin D

Get More Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin Outdoor activities and exercise improve your fitness, but the benefits don’t end there. Vitamin D, which you get from the sun, performs many important functions and getting outside on a regular basis is…

Health & Nutrition mosquito

8 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites This Summer

Prevent Mosquito Bites Outdoors Stop mosquito bites from ruining your summer! Don’t let disease-carrying mosquitoes keep you indoors by employing these eight tips to protect yourself and manage mosquito populations in your yard. Do yard and garden cleanup. Remove weeds, manage…

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