When it comes to staying warm while outdoors this winter, what you wear underneath is as important as what you wear on top. Baselayers are available from many outdoor apparel companies and are made from multifunctional fabrics that help keep you warm and dry. I tested baselayers from a few companies and found some that I recommend for all your winter adventures.

Kombi’s baselayers are made from bamboo and bamboo charcoal, which is a naturally soft, quick drying, moisture wicking fabric. They’ll keep you dry throughout the day, even as you sweat, meaning you’ll be less likely to get cold on the slopes. They come in a variety of styles and colors for men, women, youth and toddlers so you can outfit your whole family. Plus, they’re fitted and good looking enough to wear out and about after a day of skiing or riding.

Bodyfit baselayers from Icebreaker are made from premium merino wool and come in a few different weights for all season, cool and cold weather use. The merino wool used in these baselayers is highly breathable, odor-free and silky soft against your skin, making them perfect under a skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing ensemble. Icebreaker’s Bodyfit baselayers have undergone extensive testing and will still smell fresh after weeks of wear without washing, though I don’t recommend trying it at home.

Helly Hansen’s new HH®One baselayers are soft, comfortable and perfect for all-season, year-round use. The interior is made from soft hollow-fiber polypropylene LIFA® which helps to maintain body heat, while the exterior is made from cross-fiber polyester with Xpulsion technology to rapidly move sweat and moisture away from the skin. These features keep you dry and comfortable in any weather conditions, and the UPF 30 fabrication protects your body from snow and sun reflection. Helly Hansen is so confident about their baselayers that they invite you to try them for yourself. If you don’t think they’re the best baselayers you’ve ever used just send them back to Helly Hansen within 30 days, and they’ll give you a full refund.

Gordini’s Lavawool® baselayers combine the warmth of wool with the comfort and wicking superiority of fleece. Lavawool® is different from pure wool because it uses wool’s insulating properties to keep you warm, but doesn’t absorb and retain moisture. Instead, Lavawool® quickly wicks moisture from your skin with its patented weave of synthetic fibers and wool. These layers are good for high intensity, winter sport use and will keep you dry and toasty all day long.


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