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Coach Lora Erickson is a USATF certified running coach and nationally ranked triathlete with over 28 years of athletic experience. To learn more contact her directly at or visit to learn more about services, classes and health programs.

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Leveling Up

Preparing for Your First Half or Full Marathon You’ve dabbled in short-distance events and are thinking about going big for your next race. Here’s what you need to know when training for a half or full marathon: Increase Your Training…

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BIG 5: Utah’s Best New Running Races

BIG 5: Utah’s Best New Running Races While the Beehive State’s tried-and-true races are great, it’s always fun to add new races to your calendar. Here are five new (or reinvented) races to try in 2019. Utah’s Fastest Street Mile…

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The Big 5: Utah’s Best Destination Races

Utah’s 5 Best Destination Races Instead of a traditional vacation, many runners are opting for “racecations” where they race in the city they’re visiting. Racing is the best reason to travel in my opinion, and I have a personal goal…

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Utah’s Must-Run Trail Races

The Big 5: Utah’s Must-Run Trail Races Looking to race in a whole new way? The sport of trail racing is growing fast, and it’s a great way to explore Utah’s beautiful mountains. Whether you’re bored of your usual road…

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Running Indoors

The Pros & Cons of Treadmill Running Even if the majority of the miles you log are outside, there are still plenty of reasons to go for a run on a treadmill. Whether inversion, cold temperatures, or short days keep…

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The Big 5

Utah’s Must-run Half Marathons Utah has a lot of great races to choose from, but the half marathon distance is growing in popularity for many reasons. It allows for faster recovery, requires less training, and can be done more often…

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Guide to Snow Running

Winter is upon us! Coming from Colorado, I’ve been running in the cold and snow all my life. But when I was in college running for Utah State University, I remember welcoming a new girl to the team from Arizona. As…


Utah’s Must-Run Marathons

The Big 5: Utah’s Must–Run Marathons Utah is home to so many great marathons that it’s hard to pick the top five, but we’ve noticed some key feature’s—like scenic courses and great volunteers—that set some races apart from the pack. The…

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Rest & Recovery | A Key to Success

As a trainer, overtraining is something I see a lot of people do, especially when starting a new program. You’re excited and committed, but you work yourself so hard that you’re stiff, sore, and can barely move. This increases your…

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