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The Resurgence of Inline Skating

By Kimberly Kraan: owner, the SKATENOW shop, Inc.

Over the past few seasons, the once thought ‘dead and gone’ sport of inline skating has witnessed a vast resurgence. New technologies of larger wheels and improvements have paved the way for returning to skating any direction your wheels may roll! Here are four reasons to add skating to your training routine.

Easier than ever!

From the limited generic skates of the past emerge specialized broods of skates: urban, recreational, fitness, cross-training, semi-race speed, and speed. Within this spectrum is something for everyone and these skates offer the versatility to take you from the trail to the skate park. Plus, larger wheels and lighter constructed boots in fitness skates help you roll more miles without discomfort.

Burn calories and get fit

In comparison to running or cycling, inline skating can burn more calories and promote better muscle tone development while improving cardiovascular conditioning and strengthening the lower body. You can burn 500-1000 calories per hour while simultaneously engaging muscles in both aerobic activity and anaerobic strength training for an all-in-one, super-powered workout. Skating engages and conditions quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, and the arm swing improves shoulder deltoid muscles.

Maintain your ski fitness through the summer

When the slopes turn green, maintain ski fitness by skating through various patterns of cones. Try carving maneuvers to challenge and strengthen your ski muscles. This fine-tunes and develops your balance and agility to bring noticeable improvements to your ski abilities when winter returns.
Race train in a new way

You may normally explore Utah’s trail systems on foot or bike, but trails like Jordan River, Rio Grande-Denver, Legacy, and Murdock offer miles of smoothly paved pathways ideal for skaters of most any ability. When you tire of your traditional running or cycling routine, blading these paths builds endurance while strengthening other muscle groups.

Whether skating for urban adventure or fitness, fine-tuning ski skills, or training for a race, now is the time to get out rolling!


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