Winter Gear and Gifts


Winter Gear and Gifts: 39 Curated Finds for Your Favorite Adventurers

Whether you’re shopping for globetrotters, campers, kids, pets, or just looking to upgrade your gear closet, this guide showcases 39 perfect winter gear and gifts for every budget.

By Melissa McGibbon and Jenny Willden

dog near a mountain and lake scene

Furever Friends

These pet picks are perfect for your pup to unwrap under the tree.

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Woman hiking with her child

Tiny Tots

Fuel your little’s love for the outdoors with these great picks.

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Woman running on a Fall trail

Fitness Fanatics

Stay in shape with these great picks for your fitness fanatics friends and family.

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Frequent Fliers

From globetrotting to road tripping, these travel gift picks will keep wanderlusters happy anywhere they go.

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Winter Wanderers

Keep snow lovers warm and cozy with our favorite cozy coats and hot drinks.

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Adventure Addicts

Up their outdoor game with sturdy hiking shoes or a fanny pack then spend the holiday break venturing out together on your favorite trails.

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Camping Connoisseurs

Pimp their campsite with these great gift picks.

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