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Welcome to the new SportsGuideMag.com, the online presence for Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine. We have implimented many new features and hope you will enjoy all of them. This will be a quick overview of the website and all that you can do while here.

The principal features of Outdoor Sports Guide are our articles and the year-long events calendar. Both are accessable through the navigation bar to the left. Articles and events are accessable in their original context through our page turner at the top of the SportsGuideMag.com home page. By clicking into the page turner you will open an online version of the Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine and be able to read as if it were in printed in front of you. As a bonus the advertisements are interactive and if you find yourself wanting to learn more about the ad, click on it and you will be directed to the advertisers themselves.

We are very excited about the addtion of a few member features. Currently these center around article commenting and on event submissions. You can comment on articles and events without signing up for a username, but the comment will not post until approved unless you are a registered user. If you are organizing an event that you want listed in our calendar—both online and in print—all you have to do is become a member and submit your event using our form.

We hope you will enjoy the site, and we are working to bring you more features and registered member privelages soon.
Thank You
The Outdoor Sports Guide Team


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Jenny Willden is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Sports Guide and a self-proclaimed gear and grammar nut. She's a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. A lover of adventure and travel, she's happiest when riding horses or snowboarding in Utah’s mountains. Follow Jenny’s exploits on Twitter @jennywillden or Instagram @jlwillden.

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