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Starting Line

Editor’s Note, Upcoming Races and Events


Training Goes Virtual
Running & Cycling Meet Virtual Reality with Zwift
By Heather Hamblin


Finding Balance
The Importance of Cross-training with Yoga
By Julia Partain

Leveling Up
How to Prepare for Longer Runs and Races
By Lora Erickson

Rescheduled Runs
Fall Races to Start Training for Now
By Jenny Willden


Go Solo and Stay Fit
Keep Training While Social Distancing
By Connie Lewis


The Best New Summer Gear
18 Picks for Your Next Run or Ride
By Jenny Willden


An Explosive Run to the Top
Grayson Murphy Dominates in Trail & Road Racing
By Connie Lewis

Utah Made

Reinventing Rentals
Park City Bike Demos’ Second Act
By Molly Andersen

Keeper Calendar

Race Season Updates

Last Word

Local Bike Humor
By Jordan Peterson

On the Cover
Photo Credit (Cycler): Pavel Anoshin
Photo Credit (Swimmer): Jorge Romero
Photo Credit (Runner): Courtesy of Logan Marathon


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