Why You Should Take a Snow Day this Winter


How to Take a Snow Day as a Grownup

Remember snow days as a kid? Days where it snowed so hard that they canceled school? As a kid, snow days were the dream. Depending on your region, snow days took on different meanings. Of course, in places with no snow, snow days basically never happened. In places where it snowed all the time, they never happened either because there were always resources to handle it.

As an adult, you may never get an actual snow day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a snow day for yourself.  You can go on a snowy adventure, escape some stress, practice self-care, or take a staycation. For a lot of people, it’s hard to go to work when the weather is nice, but there are just as many benefits to playing hookie from work when the weather is a bit brisker.

Vacations aren’t just for summer

You might not be given a snow day, but you can take a snow day anyway. Taking a vacation is not something specific to summer; it’s something you can do any time of year regardless of the temperature. There are so many ways to enjoy winter that will make a snow day completely worth it.

You can travel a bit and find a California ski hill to enjoy a winter adventure, find a winter activity you didn’t know you could still do in the cold, or even just do something local like making a snowman or go sledding. If you live somewhere where snow isn’t common, your vacation is even less restricted. You may not be able to head outside to make a snow angel on your snow day, but you can take a warm weather snow day where you go for a hike or go have a spa day. Your snow day can be designed how you wish—and it doesn’t even have to include snow.

  • Ski day/weekend: Big storm roll in? Feel yourself coming down with the powder flu? Take a day or a few off to enjoy fresh slopes and few crowds on weekdays. Whether you enjoy Utah’s slopes or head for Tahoe, Colorado, or beyond, skiing is the perfect snow day activity. 
  • Go somewhere warm: If you don’t love the snow, take a vacation to somewhere warmer. Doesn’t have to be Mexico (though that would be fun), you can head to St. George in Southern Utah for a warm weather weekend getaway.
  • Do something you haven’t done: Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing are all great winter activities. If you haven’t tried them yet, take a snow day to try something new.

Stress is not healthy

Telling you to take a snow day is just another way to tell you to take a personal day every once in a while. Many people save those personal days for the summer, but there’s no reason to save them if you’re feeling stressed. A snow day is a great way to alleviate some stress and take a break from work.

Not only can stress impact your mind, it can also manifest itself in physical ways that can wreak havoc on your body. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with deadlines, stressed over a promotion, or rundown by being overworked, you may be feeling a bit too stressed and due for a break. Take some time to try de-stressing techniques that work for you. This can mean vegging out, getting outside, or reading with a cup of coffee. Stress isn’t healthy, so take a snow day to unwind.

  • Take a “me” day: Take a day with yourself and no one else. Go to the zoo, take a walk, or visit a park. Chances are if you’re there on a winter workday, you’ll have the whole place to yourself to de-stress and see how beautiful winter can be.
  • Try a new recipe: For some, cooking can be extremely stress-reducing. Find a fun winter recipe and make it for your family. Winter can make cooking and baking feel super cozy.
  • Lose the technology: Taking a snow day isn’t beneficial to your stress if you’re just checking work emails all day. Whatever you do on your snow day, leave your phone in Airplane Mode. (Bring it along in case you need it for emergencies.)

Self-care is for all times of year

You should take a snow day this winter because it’s a way to practice self-care. When we have so many things going on with work, school, children, family, and friends, we can forget about the most important thing to take care of: ourselves. Your obligations deserve your attention, but you deserve to take care of yourself as well.

Practicing some self-care is a great way to energize yourself for your everyday obligations and loved ones. Keeping yourself from being rundown can make you stay passionate and focused in all areas of your life.

  • Do something for you: What do YOU love? Do that on your snow day. Maybe it’s running, yoga, or writing. Whatever it is, do that. You spend so much time doing what other people want, so spend a snow day doing the opposite.
  • Find a new podcast: One of the many great things about getting outside and practicing some self-care is that you can do many of those things while listening to a podcast. While you walk, hike, or do something else active, find a podcast and take some time to enjoy a new entertainment.
  • Take a hike: Hiking is a great winter activity for many regions. You can get some fresh air, reach some sunlight, and spend some time with yourself. Staying active in the winter is important, so take yourself on a hike.

winter cycling snow day

Staycations are just as beneficial

Even if your snow day doesn’t involve traveling to a winter destination, you can still benefit from taking a staycation. A staycation is just a vacation that you spend at home or somewhere nearby. That can mean taking a day trip and coming back home, staying in a hotel, or just taking a few days off work and staying at home.

A staycation can be beneficial because you get some much needed time off work while avoiding any vacation stress. For many, it’s the best of both worlds. You can spend your staycation doing anything, but for those who may have issues feeling down during winter months, or experiencing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, you may want to ensure your staycation doesn’t exacerbate those feelings. Get some exercise, seek some sunlight, and try not to hibernate too much and make those symptoms worse.

  • Take some pictures: Winter is beautiful, so take some time to explore your city and take some winter photos. Go to a frozen lake, walk around the city, or find some great snowy landscapes and take some amazing photos.
  • Go sledding: Sledding is fun for everyone and you don’t have to travel far. Visit your local park or a dedicated sledding hill and feel like a kid sliding on snow. 
  • Take the dog on an adventure: Many dogs love adventuring in the snow, so bring your dog on a mini adventure in the snow to enjoy a staycation. Hiking, walking, or snowshoeing is fun for us, and it can be even more fun with a pup to keep you company.

A snow day can be anything you want it to be. Really, it’s just an excuse to take a day off work for yourself. You can go skiing, spend a day baking at home, go for a hike with yourself, or have a sledding day. All of those things can help de-stress and focus on your own self-care.

Vacations don’t have to be a summer activity, and you don’t even have to leave your town to participate — staycations can have all of the de-stressing benefits as well. However you decide to participate, take a snow day this winter and recharge yourself while soaking in some of the amazing things that winter has to offer.


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