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Crazy Non-running Races- The trend of races running through mud or bubbles has now spread to crazy races that don’t involve running. Biking, canoeing and paddleboarding are just some of the non-running crazy races invading Utah. Jenny Willden, the editor of Outdoor Sports Guide magazine runs through some of the unusual events.




Great Outdoor Famifamilygearly Gear– Families can now enjoy more of the time they spend outside with new gear and gadgets that make life easier. Jenny Willden, editor of Outdoor Sports Guide magazine, shows some of her new favorite items.




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Brighter Gear for Night Runs- Running in the dark is dangerous business. But as days shorten, you might find yourself running when it’s dark which has a new set of challenges. Stay safe and seen while looking great with top gear picks from Jenny Willden, the editor of Outdoor Sports Guide magazine.


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Jenny Willden is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Sports Guide and a self-proclaimed gear and grammar nut. She's a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. A lover of adventure and travel, she's happiest when riding horses or snowboarding in Utah’s mountains. Follow Jenny’s exploits on Twitter @jennywillden or Instagram @jlwillden.

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