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Play Tunes Anywhere with Stealth Labs Speaker Backpack

Blast tunes, charge your phone, and safely tote your gear with the Stealth Labs Speaker Backpack.  Its powerful Bluetooth speakers connect to your cellphone in a snap and offer continuous playtime for up to five hours. While we think it would be pretty annoying to ruin people’s hiking solitude with your jams, this pack is perfect on a bike ride, at the campsite, and picnicking.

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We love that its rugged, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear and protects your gear and valuables from the element. It also keeps you charged on the go with a built-in battery that can juice Apple and Android phones twice without needing to recharge its battery. The zippers are also designed to be tough to break into–making it a top choice for thwarting thieves. And there’s a laptop sleeve to secure and protect your other tech.

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When it comes to carrying this bag, we loved that it was only five pounds and that the speaker didn’t take away much usable space. But our favorite feature was the ease of setup. Many Bluetooth speakers take forever to connect and involve way too many steps. For the Stealth speaker bag, just rotate the volume dial till it “clicks”, sync your phone, and jam out for hours. It took us only a few seconds to connect a phone to the pack. The volume gets pretty loud too (an advantage when road cycling and there’s surrounding street nois_e), but can also be lowered to be more background sound.

Another perk is this speaker bag’s water resistance. If you get stuff in a quick rain shower or dump a drink on your bag, you won’t trash the speaker components.

stealth speaker backpack

Another super cool feature is a hidden secret pocket behind the bag that’s close to your body where you can stash your phone (while charging it) along with credit cards and your passport. And we like the futuristic, gender-neutral design.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Stealth Labs speaker backpack was fully funded on April 21 to the tune of $17,986 USD. If you missed your chance to pre-order one, you can still get this bag on Indiegogo OnDemand.





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