Review: Bushman Riley mens pants


Bushman Riley Mens pants ($110, Bushman)

img_1626Imagine that I’m wearing pants. There’s no way for you to prove it, but imagine for a moment that it’s true. Lucky for my laptop, it actually is true. It’s also true that lying next to me on the couch is another pair of pants. These are the Riley Mens Cotton Cut Loose Pants, by Bushman. (Camel color, though I haven’t held them up next to a camel to verify.)

Bushman has been around for about 20 years, but this was my first encounter with their product. I’m pretty pleased with the pants. They’re what I would categorize as outdoor lifestyle apparel. Not technical enough for climbing or mountaineering, not dressy enough to wear to church.

img_1628They fall right into that happy category of clothing that is nice enough for more casual office settings, but rugged enough for hiking or camping. That’s a place I like to live. My only complaint about the Riley? I wish the front pockets were a little deeper. I haven’t lost anything out of them. I just favor deeper pockets.

Timg_1629he Riley has gotten more comfortable as I have worn them over the last several months. They’ve broken in nicely, and I now wear them at least once a week. The fabric and stitching are solid, the lines are clean, and there’s some nice detail stitching on the back pockets. They’re a great everyday pant. The rear pockets have button-down flaps, which is great for keeping a wallet secure. Overall, I think they’re worth a look, especially for travel or lifestyle wear.


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