Looking for a Health Boost? Simple Ways to Add Antioxidants to Your Diet


Similar to many other important nutrients, antioxidants are a vital part of maintaining good health. They can help prevent illnesses and diseases on a cellular level. Your body naturally produces some types, but the rest must come from the foods you include in your diet. There are some fairly simple ways to add antioxidants to your diet plan.

Get a Good Breakfast

If you are like many people, your breakfast usually consists of whatever is quick and can be consumed on the way to work, school, or errands. Although it may seem more convenient, that quick breakfast may not be as nutritious as it could be. To add antioxidants to your breakfast, consider adding a handful of berries to that plain yogurt or cottage cheese. Top your microwaved oatmeal with some fresh fruits. Pair your morning coffee with a smoothie to go. Most berries are rich in beneficial antioxidants, such as anthocyanin, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin C.

Try Snack Bars

Instead of going from one meal to another without anything in between, consider adding small snacks to those voids. You can silence those hunger pains and also use the opportunity to take in some antioxidant rich snacks. Antioxidant snack bars are an ideal option for getting antioxidants while on the go. Available in a variety of flavors, many snack bars contain blends of oats or grains, fruit, and nuts, which are all full of antioxidants. These snack bars are also a good way to get antioxidants if you find it difficult to add them into your regular meal plans.

Add Some Greens

Dark, green, leafy veggies pack a healthy punch. They have so many benefits, but they can also be an excellent source of antioxidants. There are many to choose from, including spinach and kale. Just a few servings a day can add a lot of antioxidants to your diet. Try adding some fresh spinach leaves to a salad at lunch or make a post-workout smoothie with a few kale leaves and some berries. You can also add an extra serving of green veggies to your dinner line-up.

Drink Your Antioxidants

Most medical professionals frown at sugary drinks, including sodas and artificial juices. Although some have vitamins added or are marketed as “diet” varieties, they do not really have much nutritional value. Replace them with beneficial teas and even coffee. In moderation, coffee can provide an antioxidant boost. Teas, including chai and green teas, are also rich in antioxidants. Teas and coffees can be enjoyed hot or served over ice.

Antioxidants aid in cellular repair, defend against diseases, and protect the body from damage that free radicals can cause. Adding foods rich in these nutrients can help give your body a boost. Enjoy a variety of fruits, vegetables, and drinks loaded with antioxidants with minimal change in your day-to-day life.


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