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By Bill Novak

Utah has progressed in the past decade, when it comes to recycling. Gone are the days when everything is thrown in the trash. With curbside, residential recycling programs happening throughout the valley, Utahns have the opportunity to reduce the waste going into our landfills, while saving resources that are used in developing new products.

However, some items are not included in these residential recycling programs, including glass, styrofoam, electronics and household chemicals.
Here is a quick guide to recycling products not included in the curbside pickups. All addresses are in Salt Lake City unless otherwise noted.

Car Batteries

Standard Batteries: 1506 South Redwood Rd., 801‑973‑4614

Intermountain Batteries: 3662 South Main St., 801‑266‑7464
Custom Industries: 5400 West Old Bingham Hwy., 801‑280‑3502

Utah Metal Works: 805 West Everett
(1450 North), 801‑364‑5679

Compact Florescent Light Bulbs
Any Home Depot

Construction and Demolition Debris
Construction Recycling: 620 South Delong (2350 West), 801‑973‑4626
Bland Recycling LLC: 2100 South 6451 West, 801‑978‑0352
Bland Recycling LLC: 7141 South 8400 West (U-111), 801‑280‑3578
Wind River: 4170 South Main St., 801‑268‑6570

Electronic Equipment (i.e. computers, monitors, televisions)
Suggested businesses that take electronic waste (may charge a service fee):
Salt Lake Landfill: 6030 West California Ave. (1400 South),
Stone Castle Recycling: 1259 South 1775 West, Ogden, 801‑825‑2422
Lucency Corp.: 1532 South Industrial Rd., 801‑364‑4733
Waste Management Recycle 8652 South 4000 West, West Jordan,
Tam Solutions: 224 South 1060 West, Lindon, 801‑796‑1696
Trans Jordan Landfill: 10873 South 7200 West, 801‑569‑8994

Jordan Park: 1000 South 900 West
Rotary Glenn Park: 800 South 2770 East
Forest Dale Golf Course: 900 South 2375 East
Salt Lake Valley Landfill: 6030 West California Ave. (1400 South)

Uinta Brewing Company: 177 South Fremont Dr. (2375 West),
Brown Glass ONLY
Transfer Station: 3300 South 502 West, Clear Glass ONLY
Glass Recycling Group: 850 South 4400 West, 801‑521‑9287

Tires (may charge a service fee)

Utah Tire Recyclers: 1398 North Beck St., 801‑364‑7900For more detailed information go to:

For more detailed information go to: recycle.slco.org

Household & Hazardous Waste Disposal – Full Service
(Electronics, paint, oil, antifreeze, batteries, propane, fluorescent lights, chemicals, cans, bottles, plastic, paper)
Salt Lake Valley Landfill:1300 South 6030 West, 801‑541‑4078 Mon-Sat 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
Trans Jordan Landfill: 10832 South 7200 West, 801‑569‑8994 Mon-Sat 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, NAPA, Checker Auto, Autozone or Household
Hazardous Waste Facilities, or call 800‑458‑0145

Packing Peanuts
Mail Boxes and Help-U-Mail
Check your Yellow Pages for the closest location: 800‑828‑2214

Packing Styrofoam
Marko Foam: 2940 West Directors Row (1100 South), 801‑972‑1354

Plastic Grocery Bags
Any Walmart or Albertsons

Helpful hints for preparing your recyclables

No need to remove staples from paper.
Why? Magnets remove staples during
recycling process.

Rinse out food containers.
Why? Food causes contamination and can cause unsanitary conditions and odors.

No need to remove labels from cans and bottles.
Why? Labels are removed during the
recycling process.

Remove tape from cardboard boxes.
Why? Tape can not be recycled and
causes contamination.

Break down boxes.
Why? Saves space.

Separate colored glass–take to drop-off location.
Why? Brown glass does not recycle at the same rate as other glass that is made into products such as fiberglass insulation. However it is recycled into new glass and other recycled products.


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