From the Editor – Winter 2013


On a recent drive back from Park City, I watched my car’s temperature gauge plummet as I descended into the great, gray blanket that is Salt Lake City’s ever-present inversion. Like an unwanted suitor, this muggy mess is relentless, suffocating…and a bit of a buzzkill.

Escape it with a quick drive up your closest canyon, where blue skies, warmer temperatures, and fresh air await you. Go skiing, snowshoeing, or simply play in the snow, and enjoy the freedom of being above it all.

When the ground thaws and air clears in April, look for our annual Keeper issue—Utah’s guide to local events. This huge race-themed edition is packed with endurance training tips, racing gear picks, nutrition advice, and much more. Event directors can add their races for FREE! Just create an account at to get started.

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Jenny Willden is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Sports Guide and a self-proclaimed gear and grammar nut. She's a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. A lover of adventure and travel, she's happiest when riding horses or snowboarding in Utah’s mountains. Follow Jenny’s exploits on Twitter @jennywillden or Instagram @jlwillden.

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