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Jenny Willden, Editor For competitive athletes, racing is serious business. The months leading up to a race require lengthy training sessions that leave you with blistered feet and sore muscles. On race day you run yourself to exhaustion, all in hope of getting a PR when you cross the finish line. For some of us, this experience is enjoyable, or at least gratifying. But racing doesn’t always have to be about finishing first.

A new breed of races are popping up in Utah, and nationwide, that focus on fun. This year you should add one (at least one) of these lighthearted events to your race calendar. My silly race for 2012 was the 35th Annual McGuire’s 5K Prediction Run held in Pensacola, Florida. Hailed as the nation’s largest prediction run with 15,000 racers, no watches or timing devices are allowed, and whoever finishes closest to their predicted time wins! A wild after party with live music, an Irish sing-along, free drinks, and unique costumes made it worth the travel.

To help you find an entertaining race to try, our Starting Line features bizarre, ridiculous, and fun local races. Plus, this Keeper gets you ready with Utah’s most comprehensive event calendar, racing tactics (pg.18), pre-race nutrition strategies (pg.24), and a quiz on what kind of racer you are (pg.26). Happy racing!

Jenny Willden

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