Easy Camping Meals from Fireside Provisions


Easy Camping Meals Delivered from Fireside Provisions

IMG_3935When camping and backpacking, gourmet eats are not on the menu. Meals for these adventures have long been relegated to bags full of dried, processed food, or tin dinners roasted fireside filled with whatever’s left in your freezer. Easy camping meals are just hard to come by.

But that’s all changing thanks to a company called Fireside Provisions, which delivers easy camping meals to your door.

Best described as the Blue Apron of camping food, Fireside Provisions has you handpick meals for vegetarians and carnivores alike, shipping them with all the necessary seasoning and instructions.

How Fireside Provisions Works

Just put in the length of your trip, then choose from hot breakfasts, quick-to-prepare lunches, snacks for the trail, and fancy stovetop-made dinners like curry, pasta, and fried rice. The provisions arrive on your doorstep in biodegradable bags in time for your trip (or can be shipped to a hotel if flying in). Trash bag included so you can pack out what you pack in.

Choose from four packages: Day Hiking-if you just need food for the trail. $7.50 per person. Overnighter- food for a one night trip $15 per person. Weekender– two nights of food for $30 per person. Backpacker– two nights of backcountry food.

camping mealsI took Fireside Provision’s system for a spin myself on a recent car camping trip to Moab, Utah and a backpacking yurt trip in the Uinta Mountains and was genuinely surprised at how tasty, filling, and easy-to-prepare everything was.

Here’s my honest take on what to get and not get from Fireside Provisions to make your camping meals fresher, healthier, and tastier.

Review for Car Camping Use

In Moab, we were met with torrential rains and winds strong enough to rip down our sunshade and send it flying through the campground. Despite this, we were still able to cook many of our Fireside Provisions meals in bad weather without much prep work.

Our other campmates weren’t so lucky, their coolers were stocked with dinner fixins that went untouched because they all went to town for every meal since their meals required a lot of work in the terrible weather to prepare. Our leftover meals stayed dried and ready for our next adventure instead of wasting all kinds of fresh food.

This fact made the score from the outset: Fireside Provisions- 1. Regular Camping- 0.


easy camping meals

The Fire Tower


Instead of spending a fortune on pizzas and other Moab restaurant food, we made The Fire Tower Chicken Curry on a Coleman stove. All it took was boiling water and dumping in the rice, dried vegetables, and stellar seasoning blend to create this easy-peasy dinner. We loved the coconut curry flavor and that the affordably priced serving ($10) could serve both of us. The Dragon Bowl, a cashew ginger rice bowl with mushrooms and corn, was our second favorite dinner and also cooked fast on a camp stove. Though it was tasty on its own, we added in some veggies our friends had brought along and it really added to the dish!

easy camping mealsTrail Snacks

Not having to stop by a grocery store for snacks was a timesaver, and our bellies stayed full during two full days of hiking thanks to their Seventh Heaven Trail Mix and Raw Cacao Energy Bites. Both are just $7 per two-person serving, and I loved having snacks available that aren’t full of junk and preservatives.

Since curry seems to be Fireside Provision’s specialty, it’s no surprise that the Curry Cashew Mix with dried fruit and light curry seasoning was a favorite. I stashed this mix in my backpack for long days on the trail and would definitely order again.


Usually we opt for a lazy lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but Fireside Provision’s simple pita pocket lunches made it easy to make a real lunch on the trail. We were most obsessed with (surprise!) the Curry Salmon Pita Sandwich, which came with bagged salmon, a bit of mayo, and curry seasoning that can be stirred right in the bag before sprinkling it with seaweed and dumping into a pita pocket. A winning combo I could eat again and again!


easy camping meals

Cooking Breakfast

easy camping meals

Santa Fe Scramble









Pick from oatmeal, couscous, or even a bonafide omelet for breakfast. The Santa Fe Scramble stood out because it was simple to rehydrate the powdered eggs.  The only downer was the peppers came in large chunks and took some time to chop. If they could pre-chop the peppers, this would become an easy breakfast favorite. If you favor sweet over savory, our favorite was the Cranberry Couscous Crunch. The generous helping paired couscous with rolled oats, almonds, cranberries, and apples and was easy to cook with just boiling water on our Coleman camp stove. These easy camping meals for breakfasts were surprisingly easy and tasty.


easy camp meals

Nineteen27 s’mores

Our camp s’mores have always been basic: HoneyMaid graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate, and grocery store marshmallows. But Fireside Provisions’ partnership with Nineteen27 S’mores elevated our whole experience. The kit came with Vanilla Marshmallows, buttery honey graham crackers, and dark chocolate squares from Missionary Chocolates. Mmmm…good, but next time I’m going to order the cinammon grahams and espresso marshmallows to mix things up.

For Backpacking

While Fireside meals were awesome for car camping and saved us from hauling a cooler around, I think they’re not too big for short backpacking trips. Why? They don’t have any nasty preservatives, and they actual taste (and are) real food. We tossed a couple in our bag that could be prepared from boiling water, and the taste comparison between them and the fresh food our friends packed in was pretty similar. I’ll be writing a full post on yurting with Fireside Provisions next week!

Order easy camping meals for you next trip online at Fireside Provisions.

Fireside Provisions provided meals for my trip but all views are my own.


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