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Articles A couple enjoying beers at an après ski lodge Cinnabar

Après Ski Adventures

5 Must-Visit Ski Resort Lounges If you only go to the resorts to play in the powder, you’re missing out. Utah’s ski and snowboard resorts have much more to offer than lift rides and snowy slopes. Each resort’s unique atmosphere…


Review: Seattle Sports Glostick Multi-Clip USB

Seattle Sports Glostick Multi-Clip USB ($20, Seattle Sports) What does Spaceballs, the 1980’s sci-fi spoof, have to do with the Glostick? I’m glad you asked. Let’s just say, not much. Still, Dark Helmet would be impressed. Or maybe not, actually. (Ahem! If…

Cycling mountain bike idaho white clouds castle peak

Where to Bike After Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness

Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness Bike Ban Alternate Rides There’s a saying about mountain biking in Idaho: “If you’re not pushing your bike, you’re not mountain biking.” From my experience, I wholeheartedly agree. Riding the trails in and around the Sawtooths, White Clouds,…


Review: Relief Bed By Thermarest

Relief Bed ($99-$149, Cause marketing. It’s been around since the 1970’s, but in the last decade or so, it’s picked up steam. The surge in cause marketing seems especially notable in the outdoor industry, where companies often look for…


Review: WIN Detergent

Death and taxes get all the credit. What about laundry? WIN Detergent ( $11, If you wear clothes–and I hope you do–then laundry is a part of your life. Laundromats, laundry rooms, washtubs and clotheslines in the backyard; somehow,…

Adventure Photo of 3 climbers on Via Ferrata

Adventures of a Via Ferrata Virgin

Overcoming Fear on Telluride’s Via Ferrata “Take deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth,” our San Juan Outdoor Adventures Guide, Chris Murray, is coaching me as I stand frozen and shaking, clipped into a cliffside hundreds of…

Articles snowy mountains at snowbird resort with aerial tram

Inversion Diversions

Where to Escape the Smog for a Day or a Weekend Most “dirty words” are four letters. Except one, at least to Salt Lakers: inversion. In an inversion, a dense layer of cold air is “stuck” under a layer of…

Travel Miller Cabin

Adventuring at The Lodge at Glendorn

A Luxury Forest Retreat in Northwest Pennsylvania A mist lingers on the brook as the sun begins peaking over the tree-covered hills. I cast the line again into the slow moving water. Immediately, there’s a tug on the line, “A fish!…

Adventure Ancient Art View

Hoodoo Holdoff (Not) Climbing Ancient Art

(Not) Climbing Ancient Art We stood in the parking lot at the base of the Fisher Towers early in the morning of our big ascent day and stared at the fecund clouds in the sky. Raindrops peppered the dusty ground.…


Toes-to-Nose Travel Gear, Summer ’15

[Note: These reviews are my own observations after having tried each of these items on several trips over a period of anywhere up to 8 months.] Versatility is a virtue, and that’s as true for travelers as it is for the…